Friday, December 11, 2009


I got to go to visit my sister Becky this week in Northern California. We went through her boys old baby clothes for when Max is born. I had such a great time seeing my nephews and neice! Jonah was so cute with my belly he always wanted to feel Max and he talked to him and told me he would teach him martial arts. He is going to have the best cousins who will look out for him. My belly is getting so BIG and Max is moving a lot and I love feeling him in there. My belly button is no longer an inie and looks funny to me. Six months along already! i cannot wait till March!!

Jonah feeling Max.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mason, Mason it's your Birthday!

For Mason's 27th birthday on Sunday November 8th it started out with coffee in bed, then we had a nice talk on webcam with his family in Utah. It was so cute to hear our two Neices sing him happy birthday. Then i made him his request for breakfast of potatoes, eggs and cheese. Then we headed off to lunch. Mason recently found out about a pizza place that came to LA that is only in New York called Two Boots. It is a mix of classic New York style pizza and louisiana spices. We each got two slices of cheese, it brought back good memories of New York because there is no other place to get a good new york pizza slice.
My Orange Soda and Pizza slice.
Then we headed back towards our place to go to the mall to find him some shoes, no luck i just ended up buying him some nice shoes online from We then went to Barnes & Noble to get him Simpsons season 3. We decided to go see a movie even though nothing really was out that we wanted to see, but we ended up seeing Men Who Stare at Goats. It wasnt to bad and pretty funny. Then it was off to Planet Raw! Masons request for his Birthday dinner. Its a really good Raw food place in Santa Monica. We started our meal out how they suggest desert first! we got a "Mylke" shake adn Mason got a nice wine mixer. Then for our Entrees Mase got the Cheesy Burrito and I got the Avo Sandwich, then for desert(a second one) we shared the Fuji apple pie with a candle on top just for him :). We ended the wonderful night by snuggling up and watching some simpsons. I had such a fun day with him and feel so lucky to have found such an awesome, Hansdom, fun husband who is going to be a great dad when our little baby comes. Happy Birthday Mason!!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

My belly & baby

I cant believe how I just grew over night, it makes me so happy though to know our little baby boy is growing. I look forward to feeling is tiny movements and kicks during the day. I dont feel a whole lot yet unless he is moving a lot, but I cannot wait till I start feeling stronger kicks. I am so in love with this baby, I cant imagine how I will feel when I get to hold him in my arms. I love when Mason leaves for work he says goodbye to us both. Mason and I are looking at apartments closer to his work and we found one we think we like a lot, we just have to go see it tomorrow. It is right near our hospital and seeing it makes me so excited for the day we get to meet our little guy.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a...

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I love him so much already and cannot wait to see what he looks like. He is so cute and was moving a lot during the ultrasound. I love being able to see him in my belly! When we were seeing that he is a boy his cute little leg was kicking and it made me so happy to see all his little movements. I am starting to feel little things like him moving and tiny kicks.
And we are so very excited and glad we can finally call the baby a him.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend & A Pumpkin Patch

Mason and I had an awesome weekend as usual. On Saturday we went and looked at some apartments closer to Masons work and walked around a nice mall where we bought a gift for Grace's baby shower. Then we had a nice evening at home eating a veggie lasagna and salad while watching a movie. Then on Sunday I went to Grace's baby shower(Mason's Cousins wife) It was so cute and fun. I got there early so I was able to help out by making chocolate strawberries. It was so fun playing the games and talking to everyone. And the food was yummy :). Then Mason picked me up and we went to a close by Pumpkin Patch. It was so cute and the weather was perfect. We went through the corn maze and just walked around taking pictures and enjoying the views. Then when it was getting late we ended our wonderful weekend eating at Denny's.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

My sister Emily

My sister Emily, I wanted to write this blog because I miss her so much and we have such good memories together. She is my blonde haired blue eyed sister. Every time we get together we laugh to hard and always have a great time. We have our stupid inside jokes and of course all those memories we had growing up together and sharing a room. Emily eventually wants to be a journalist, at least that's what I heard the last time I asked. And she wants to live in London one day or at least tour Europe, which I told her we have to do together :). I am excited for my baby to have such a cute fun aunt. (Becky you too I'm just writing about Emily right now) Emily has always been my cute little baby sister, I would try to carry her around even when she was 7 just playing around. I miss my sister Emily! I wish we lived closer but for now she is in Utah and I am here in California. I love how Emily loves to read because she always tells me cool books I would like. She is also a wonderful dancer although she hasn't danced since high school. I know this is a random blog about how much i love my sister but I have just been missing her and wanted her to know how much I love her. There is so much more about Emily but it would take to long to write. For Emily.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall & Halloween

Fall is by far my favorite season. It has Halloween and Thanksgiving and leaves changing and you get to where nice sweaters and long sleeves. I miss fall out east and in Utah, here in California the weather is getting a little cooler in the 70's and it makes me so happy! I miss the changing colour of leaves but there are some good things living in Southern California because you almost get fall all Winter because it never gets really cold enough to wear a heavy coat. I am excited for Halloween it is my favorite holiday. I used to love going trick-or-treating and cant wait till I get to take my own kids. This fall Mason and I also get to find out the sex of our little baby! I am also so very excited for Thanksgiving because Mason's Family is coming out to his grandparents and it is always so fun when we all get together. SO I am just in a happy cant wait for the cool weather and holidays mood:).

I found the cute Jack-O-Lantern idea on Martha Stewart Living. I love that magazine.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a Baby!



Mason and I went in for our first prenatal checkup today and got the first ultrasound of our baby, it is only 4 1/2 cm long :), I think it is so cute already! It was so exciting to see that little baby inside me; it's crazy how much love I have for it already. We were both so happy to hear everything looks great. They gave us a due date of March 13th,2010, and we get to find out the sex in mid October.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am Pregnant...

On July 3rd I took a test and it was positive. I went to the doctor and confirmed it on August 5th. Mason and I go in on Monday August 24th to make sure everything looks good and maybe get an ultrasound! Mason and I are so excited! I am due sometime around March 11th 2010.

Paris Day Four

On our fourth and last full day in Paris we needed laundry desperately, so we looked up a laundromat which wasn't easy because they don't call them that in France. But we found one and woke up early to do laundry so we would have the rest of the day. Our walk was a little rainy but beautiful to a part of Paris we wouldn't have gone to if it wasn't for the laundry. We walked down cute classic Paris streets that were very narrow. We figured out the laundry machines and bought soap from the place and started our load. we walked around the little square it was in for a bit and found me a bathroom when I had to go really bad. We then got our finished laundry and decided to walk around the area a bit to look at the shops. We saw a restaurant that looked good so Mason said, lets eat here for lunch, because we hadn't eaten in a nicer restaurant yet. The food was not as good as we hoped for, at the beginning for a started Mason got French Onion soup which was very good and I got Escargot to try for the first time... I didn't like it at all. for our main meal I got mixed vegetable plate and mason got a fish dish, it was all a little more bland then we liked. Then for dessert I got Creme Brulee and mason an assorted cheese plate. They were both very good. We then walked down the streets and into some shops to finish up our souvenir shopping for everyone in our family's. We went into one with this very nice lady and we finished it all up there. Then we found a cute boutique with hand made wooden rings and I got one for Emily. I still had not got myself a souvenir from Paris when I saw this clothing store we went in and I tried on a couple of things and fell in love with two shirts, both with beautiful stitching. I was so happy to have found my Paris thing. We walked back to our hotel to change and drop off our laundry. Mason and i decided to take the train out to Versailles. It was an awesome adventure, we took the train to the last stop and got off. Mason and I were not sure which way to go but we stopped and got Mason some coffee and me a mcflurry. We asked a guy and he told us it was just down the street. I could not believe how big and bright it was and so much gold everywhere. We decided to just walk around the gardens, it was so bright outside though we could barley see, until we got away from the white gravel sand. The ground were amazing all the different areas to see and all the statues and sculptures. We walked around for awhile and took lots of pictures. We saw a restaurant right on the ground in what looked like it used to be a carriage house, it was called, La Flottille. It was so fun, we both got a glass of real champagne. For dinner Mason got spaghetti and I got a four cheese pizza which had a very strong cheese on it, I guess we were in France. after dinner we walked around a little more and then back to the train. When we got back to the city is was getting late we made our routine stop at the small grocery shop for our waters and snacks. It was sad to think of leaving such a beautiful place and that our honeymoon would soon be over. But we felt like we did everything we wanted to and we still had our stop over in Canada, and that was still exciting. The next morning we woke up already packed and ready to check out. We said goodbye to Paris as we walked to the train. It was a beautiful day when we left with a bright blue sky and a warm sun, a good way to remember it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day Three Paris

Our third day is Paris we planned to head to the Louvre. So we got up got ready and went to our favorite crepe place for an early lunch, because the night before we had picked up chocolate muffins and a coffee drink for Mason so we just had breakfast in our hotel room. We both got the egg and cheese crepes this time and then a nutella & banana one for desert, which was so good. We walked to the Louvre, it was not to far from our hotel. We stopped on a bridge to look over the Seine River and enjoy the rest of our crepe. We made it to the Louvre and i was getting so excited. we went through a bag check and then into the museum. We bought our tickets, Mason wanted some coffee so we went to the cafe and he drank while I explored a near by gift shop. We decided to head to all the sculptures. It was amazing to be standing right in front of all these very very old beautiful works of art, so close you could see the cracks and details in each sculpture. then there it was my favorite one Cupid and psyche by Antonio Canova. Of course when you get to it there are groups of people around it but i got to get close enough and get a picture by it. mason and i had so much fun walking around looking at the art guessing why the artist chose to make things look a certain way. next we passed Winged Victory. then we headed for the Mona Lisa. Like people say it is smaller then you think and hard to see since there is a very thick piece of bullet proof glass between you and the painting not to mention its roped off so you cant get to close to it. And all the people always surrounding it. But of course it is nice to say i have stood in front of Leonardo Di vinci's Mona Lisa. there were many other cooler paintings in my opinion with no crowds around them so you could take your time to actually look at the canvas. We saw the Venus de Milo, which is so crazy how old it is that they don't even know the artist. Next we headed for Egyptian art, Mason and I love Egyptian art for one thing its usually the least crowded at museums, it is some of the oldest art there is, and it all very interesting. We got to see an actual mummy under glass, that was one of the coolest things. It was so crazy how intricate the mummy wrappings were. We also got to see the mid evil castle remains of which the louvre is built over. Mason loves that part and thought they should have re-built the castle instead of the Louvre. When we felt like we were done and hungry we left and walked through the back where the Champs De Elysees is and more sculptures. We decided to walk down to the Arc De Triomphe. It was farther then we thought, but we went past some cool stores. But mason and i both decided it was our least part of Paris because it was so much more shopping and tourists then the old buildings and areas of Paris. So we decided to take the metro back to our hotel because it was so far. So Mason figured out our path and we got on thinking we knew our stop. Well the train went for awhile then we got off, and realized we were in an unfamiliar place. Mason was confused cause he was sure he figured it out right and i was annoyed and tired. Mason felt bad but we just figured it out again and found our right stop. We went back to our hotel, put up our sore feet, and felt so lucky to be in Paris together.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Paris day two...

We woke up pretty refreshed and ready to start our adventure. We had decided to go to the Catacombs. So first we went to the grocery store we had found and got some yogurt drink and fruit for breakfast. We then walked to the catacombs; we saw cool areas along the way. When we got there, there was a line and we waited to go in. we got discounted tickets because most places in France being 26 or younger is youth price :). We had to go down a lot of stairs and then through darkly lit tunnels and then we got to the bones. There was so many stacked up against the walls in such a neat way and different ways they stacked them, it was creepy but cool. It was hard to believe these were once real alive people. Mason and I each had to touch a scull, wouldn't you? Once through that we had to go up a lot of other stairs and it was tiring. When we came out it had taken us out to an area we didn't know, so we found our way back to the catacombs because Mason wanted to show me the crepe lady he met last time he was there with is family. But when we got there it was all closed down so we kept walking to find lunch. On our way we went into a few shops one with some cool posters and then a big bookstore, which reminded us of Strand in New York. We ended up eating at the same place but just a different one that we found the first day. 'Pommes'. It was good mason got a salmon and cheese baguette sandwich with a brownie for desert and I got a vegetarian quiche with chocolate cake for desert. Then we headed down to Notre Dame. We went inside and looked at all the cool architecture and stained glass windows. It was so pretty. When we got outside we noticed people walking up top and asked how we could go up there. We found it on the other side of the church a long line to buy tickets to the top so we got in line and waited. It was a lot of stairs up and first you stop at the mid area going between the two towers. It had amazing views from there! We got to see Quasimodo's Bell tower and that was really cool, you get to go inside and see the bell. Then you go up even more stairs and get to the very top of one of the towers, for even more amazing views. Then you get to walk down all those stairs. So by this time we were getting a good workout what with the catacombs and streets and Notre dame combined. Then we took the subway to the Eiffel Tower. We had some good dinner at the bottom of it and then got in line to buy our tickets to the top. The line was so long and by the time we got to buy our tickets the top level was sold out. Mason and I were very disappointed especially because Mason did not get to go to the top the first time he went to Paris with is family. So we got tickets for the second floor hoping the third would re-open. But no such luck we waited and waited and they closed it down because one of the elevators was broken. Mason and I went down to the cafe in the tower and watched the sunset it ended up being a nice evening. We got back on the subway and back to our hotel for the night.

Bonjour Paris!

After getting off the subway I was feeling awful but I was in heaven seeing Paris France all around me, the buildings the trees the French written everywhere. Mason and I looked at the closest map posted on a board along the sidewalk, we figured out how to get to our hotel from where we were and we set off. We both could not wait to take a nice shower and maybe a nap. We got to the street of our hotel and I was so excited it was such a cute little French street and so close to so many cool things. We went to check in at 10:30am and were told our room would not be ready until 2:00pm we were both so tired and gross feeling because it was warm in Paris and so the sweat didn't help either. But they stored our luggage for us and we set out to find lunch. I was pretty miserable at this point with my allergies and sore eyes, but I just kept trying to remind myself where we were and that helped. So we walked by some cool shops and found a good looking place called 'Pommes' it had sandwiches and quiches but the door was locked and it looked like no one was inside so we decided to wait and see if they would maybe come back because the keys were in the door, to kill time we walked to a park right by our hotel, it was so beautiful and green we sat on a bench under a row of trees and ate our chips we still had from Germany and Mason got us some water from a nearby McDonalds. We looked at our map we picked up from our hotel and looked at where we were and all the cool things around. We were so happy to be in Paris! While we sat there we heard children singing songs from a stage and it was so nice to just sit among the trees and listen and talk about what we were going to do while there. We decided to see if the lunch place was open but it was not; we were so hungry we just settled for a safe alternative Subway sandwiches. We decided to head back to the hotel and wait in the lobby, because it was still only 1pm but after sitting there for only about 10min they told us our room was ready! We got our key and took our luggage up in the tiny lift, only one could fit in at a time with one bag it was that small. We got into our room and it was so nice with a nice view of a small courtyard below we were on the 5th and top floor. We settled in and took showers, then decided instead of ruining our bedtime schedule we would go out for dinner and to explore. We found a great crepe stand, I got eggs and cheese and Mason got a three cheese Panini, then a Honey one for desert and two cokes. We walked to the Seine River and enjoyed them sitting by the edge. After we walked up from the river to Notre Dame, I was amazed it was so beautiful it looked like a painting against the blue sky. I could not believe I was there me Meaghan in Paris France with my husband Mason, it was a wonderful feeling. We walked around the outside and saw a bird man sitting on a bench covered in pigeons, I took a picture and he looked right at me and smiled. We then walked down the other side of the Seine towards the Louvre. We stopped and looked at some peoples stands on the sidewalk selling souvenirs. We got to The Louvre and walked into a courtyard area then through some arches where a man was playing a cello it was so pretty and on the other side you could see the glass pyramid and the Champs De Elysees. The sun was setting and it was a perfect picture. We then walked back towards our hotel and stopped and got me some medicine for what realized must be a really bad cold. We also found a small grocery store and got 2 huge waters. We got to our hotel relaxed and decided on what to do the next day. Then fell asleep.

The Train

Our train to Paris finally arrived around 11pm we got on and found our compartment, it was cheaper to get a seat in a six car compartment rather then a sleeping cabin. When we got settled we realized how musty and gross it smelled and hoping we would be the only ones in our compartment so we could each lay out on the three seats. Soon my allergies started to act up and it was awful I started sneezing and my eyes swelled up, i was so miserable. We got lucky and no one else boarded the train and our compartment was still just us. so we finally both fell asleep, and at 2:00am we woke up to us stopping and some passengers getting on the train. A young guy came into our compartment. So by an unspoken agreement I laid out on three seats Mason laid on the floor and the guy laid out on the opposite three seats my allergies were still bothering me so I kept waking up having to blow my nose with my itchy swollen eyes. When morning came we started seeing the french country side and it was beautiful, cute french homes and architecture outside out window. the guy was very nice and gave me a package of tissues and Mason and I some water because we had run out. we got our things together as our train pulled into the station. we got off the train and feeling not fully rested and pretty dirty. we found the subway system and bought our tickets and Mason figured out how to get to our hotel.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Germany Continued

So it came to be Friday. In the morning it was raining but the kind husband of the women who owned the Bed and Breakfast told us it should clear up by noon and it did. We hiked again into Fussen knowing the way now and found some walking sticks. we got into town went to go buy our tickets into Munich for Saturday to catch our train to Paris(or so we thought). So bought our tickets and had another day exploring Fussen. we went shopping some places and got me a blow dryer and straitner as to not blow up our bedroom at the B&B. Later on walking and trying to find a good place to eat dinner we found a little pizza shop down a small street that claimed to serve New York style pizza, but it was much better! all the ingredients were fresh; we got a vegetarian pizza and it was so good! We went to a internet cafe and talked with family for awhile and it got late so we went to take the bus home, but another bus did not come till 10:30pm so we took a taxi for 12euros. when we got back we packed and laid things our to get an early start for the next day. So when we woke up we had breakfast and then went to check out. The lady said that we were down for 5 nights not 4 and we were confused but she said that's alright and we got our thing and started to leave. Just out of their driveway we thought we should double check our train ticket to Paris. Sure enough our ticket was not for Saturday night but Sunday night we felt kinda dumb and I was upset because i was all ready to go to Paris but we headed back explained and stayed for one more night. But that day we thought, well we have tickets to Munich so let go. We took the train in and I saw New Town hall and it was so cool. then we walked to the back and ate our lunch. Mason wanted to show me some places so he led the way. we saw a cool area that dates back to the midevil times and the Beer house which Hitler had his first Nazi meeting. We walked through a neat farmers market type thing with a beer garden and got some raspberry ice cream. we decided we wanted to head back into the country and have dinner in Fussen and talk to family on web cam so we took the train back. Our last dinner we had there was at the same pizza place because it was that good, but this time we got a salad that I crave for now. It had hard boiled eggs, tuna, a vinaigrette, cucumber and other good stuff. So we went back to our B&B and went to bed. The next day we woke up and had a Leisurely morning. We were ready to leave by then because we had already said goodbye to it all the day before. so we got our stuff together and checked out. We headed down and caught the bus to Fussen, then we waited for the train to Munich. once in Munich we just ate dinner at the train station and played some games and read and waited for our train to Paris.

More Germany

The next morning we woke up had our breakfast and set out to go take a tour of the two castles we walked to the ticketing building bought our tickets and started towards the first castle they call the parents castle or Hohenschwangau Castle. It is a yellow castle and the place where king Ludwig grew up in as his family's summer and hunting castle. But before we made it to the castle we stopped at a souvenir shop where i saw what I wanted from Germany a hand painted ballerina music box, I fell in love with it. We didn't get it then we decided to just head up to the castle, on our way up we stopped at a bench to look at the view, because our tickets have certain times for our tours and ours didn't start for a little bit. then we decided to continue up and went into a gift shop in the castle courtyard. Mason and i were looking at different things when I realized my black moleskin book i had been using as our money holder and with our tickets in it was not in either of our hands or bag. We both panicked and mason searched the gift shop and area and I ran down the steps to the bench , and there it was on the back of the bench i was so releaved! so then it was our tour time, we went into the castle and were not aloud to take pictures but our tour guide was fun and interesting and it had some really cool art in it and the views were amazing. next we headed up the other side of the mountain to the neuschwanstein castle which was the castle King Ludwig built for himself in the late 1800's which took 17 years to build, but he was only able to live there for 6 months before he died. on our way up we bought Savannah and Sienna some cute pencils made of wood from the black forest. it was a longer and harder hike then the first castle but was well worth it once we arrived at the top. We sat and ate our rolls and cheese with the view. then we headed up for our tour, again this was a huge beautiful castle with cool rooms and a big ballroom with a stage for performers. after that Mason and i found a shop where you got a mug a piece of cake and a coffee for 5euros so we did that and have a cool blue and gold mug now from the castle. we then hiked back down half way and stopped for a beer and a pretzel. Then hiked back up to go to a bridge across from the castle called Marien Brucke or Marys Bridge. I was so high up and scarier then i thought it would be because each plank under your feet would bend. we made it across then realized we had to go back across. then we found our own path alone to hike back down to the town and we were telling each other how much it looked like the little red riding hood place. When we made it down we decided to get me that Ballerina music box and I am so happy we did. Then we got fish & chips at a little shop and sat on the steps and ate. we tryed to call home that night and i talked to Becky and mason reached his mom to say a quick hello then it was back to our B&B....More to come

Then Came Germany!

So we finally arrived in Germany after an all night flight. It was so cool to be in Germany, I had to keep reminding myself. So we got our bags and went and bought some train tickets to get from Munich to out Bed & Breakfast out near a town called Fussen. Mason was so good at figuring out the trains and which one was what to catch. we decided to stop at one of the stations in between Munich and our destination for some lunch our first in Germany. It was good baguette sandwiches with tomato and mozzarella cheese and basil, with some good water and chips. then we got back on a train and took our ride to Fussen. The countryside was so beautiful and we got our first glipses of the neuschwanstein castle! our train arrived and we caught a bus up to our Bed & breakfast below the castle. we got there and they lady who owns it greeted us and gave us some yummy orange juice, I guess she could tell how tired and worn out we were from the traveling. Then she told us breakfast was everymorning from 7:30 to 9:30am and showed us to our room. our room was so nice and cozy with french doors that led out to the deck with a beautiful view of the castle. we put our stuff down addmired how lucky we were and how beautiful Germany is and I laid down on the bed and didnt wake up untill 9pm. of course when i woke up from the crazy time difference Mason and I both thought it was the middle of the night and could not sleep it was a cool night though and it was raining and the castle was all lit up. So we put on Harry Potter till we got tired and then woke up early to get breakfast, which was so good. It consisted of hard boiled eggs, rolls with either jam of honey, hot chocolate for me and coffee for Mason, yogurt and cheeses. Everyday she told us to take the leftover rolls and cheese and make sandwiches for lunch which we did and ate everyday for lunch. that first day we wanted to go explore the town of Fussen so Mason and i walked to where the bus had droped us off the day before and waited, but we couldnt figure out the bus scheduale so we decided to walk to Fussen on a path through the black forest. It turned out to be such a fun advernture finding a lake and dock, and finding a cool hobbit hole looking door. Finally we hoped we had arrived in Fussen and realized we did. The streets were all cobblestone, and there was a neat little souviner shop we spent most of our time and money in :). we ate our rolls and cheese lunch by a fountain and had the rest of the day and explored the town then hiked back to our B&B... To be Continued

First came Niagara

So our Honeymoon started out catching our flight from LAX at 12:35am the night of our wedding, we came out to find our car(well Tresa's) covered in a white mess with cupcakes stuck to it and a bucket and cans of whip cream tied to the bumper. We couldn't even see out of the windshield but just drove blindly to the hotel down the street to switch cars. we got on our plane and arrived in Buffalo. My dad dropped us off at our hotel for the night the Sheratan Falls View Hotel. We went up to our room enjoyed the amazing view and crashed, we woke up late and decided to go have dinner at the Outback steakhouse right by the hotel. so we got ready and walked down and had a very good meal with a scrumptious Bloomin' onion and Mason had his first Canadian beer which was so good. the next morning we woke up to meet my dad down in the lobby. He took us to Tim Horton's of course for some Timbits and coffee. Then we went to the great fish and chip place Parkdale Fish & Chips, the place where my parents would get our friday night dinners sometimes when i was little. Then it was off to Toronto airport to get our flight to Munich, Germany!...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When the Circus comes to town...

At least my family run circus,

My Nephews the rockstars!

Here is a poster I made for their show and a video preview, tickets are almost sold out so hurry and get your spot! ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So Mason and I have decided to participate in Earth Hour, which is making a difference and helping earth by turning off all power and lights for 1 hour. :) Because why not do something that can help our planet. It is taking place on 8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009. You can go here to find out more on it So if you love your Planet and make a difference do it do and sign up. I also wanted to add a good quote I read about being a vegetarian.

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." —Albert Einstein

Friday, March 6, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen?

Mason and I went to the 12:01am showing of Watchmen and it was so fun. We went to the Arclight theatre on Sunset Blvd in IMAX. Mason had read the graphic novel and I knew nothing of it, it was a good movie and we got a free button with the smiley face from the movie. We also saw a guy dressed up like Rorchach and they had life size statues of some of the charactors from the movie/novel. It was a fun night and a really good entertaining movie even from not reading the novel, it is really dark though...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Utah, Fun in the ..Su..Snow

Haley & Lindsay
Karlee& Jayden :)

Me & Karlee
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Utah, Fun in the ..Su..Snow

So I left Sunny LA to go to Snowy Utah. But I had so much fun! Mason's parents flew me and Lexi(his sister) and Savannah out there for about a week to visit and do some wedding stuff. I had such a nice time with his family and also being able to spend time with my mum. I got to go up to Park City with her and to Raw food for a family and it gave us a chance to just talk and cook together. and I enjoyed the time with Ben and just driving around and going out to lunch and going to the Japanese store and getting this cool drink with a marble in it. And I got to see Kaitlin and go to Denny's for breakfast with her and look at old pictures (haha). then have a day with the Ford's Just talking and hanging out. AND i found my wedding dress!! and I love it. It was so nice I was able to get it with My mom and future mother in-law. So here are a few pictures from my trip to UTAH!

Ben he is so cool!
Me & Kaitlin!
Outside my moms house^