Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Max's Preschool graduation

 Max had the cutest graduation from Preschool last year. And when it was time to come up to the microphone and say what they wanted to be when they grow up he of course said " Indiana Jones"

Miss Cassie!

 All the grand kids with Grandma and Grandpa(Mason's Parents)

More catch up: Canada

Canada May 2015:
We got to travel up to my home country to visit my dad and his wife. We flew as a family up to Ontario and had such a perfect visit.

Quick catch-up

I am to lazy to do all the posts I would need to write in order to get my blog to updated, so here is a few of the major things that happened since I last posted:

Max's Birthday at Disneyland!
I was so fun to be able to go on a family vacation to Disney for Max's 6th birthday. We went for 3 days with park hopper passes and I feel like that is the magic number of days to actually be able to get everything in with kids. Or you know I would be ok with going for like 5 days too :). Here are a few pictures from that trip:

 Opening his presents on his Birthday morning at our hotel
 Birthday character breakfast at the Plaza Inn

This is a lot harder then I though to condense all that has happened so it will actually be done in multiple posts. To be Continued....