Monday, October 14, 2013

Max is in Preschool!

This is way late since Max has been in Preschool for a month and a half, but Here you go...Max's first day of Preschool!:

He requested to eat breakfast on the front porch swing.

The big boy himself

Jack had to be in on all the coolness

"first day!"

AH I love my handsome boy!
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Holly is in town!

catching Trax downtown

The Leonardo Museum
My cousin Holly made a stop in Utah between all her travels to come see us! She has been traveling from Toronto to Calgary, Alberta to Arizona and we were cool enough to be one of her stops. We just hung out the first day and then Emily and I took her downtown. We ended our day at Sages Cafe. That night we hung out and talked for forever, you know girl talk. Then it was time to say goodbye and send her on her way to San Francisco.
We still miss you Holly!
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