Friday, December 19, 2014

Jack's 3rd Birthday Party

 In the afternoon on Jack's Birthday we threw him a Hulk party. All his good friends came and I made each of the kids a felt super hero cape with their first initial on it. It turned out to be such a fun party!
 All of the capes
 Seinna "flying" in her cape!
 Cute little Suzette in her cape
 Party kids! I love Henry in the back with his fist in the air!
 Our Friends Matt and Liz who had just had twin girls(below) 1 month before Leon. And Tresa holding Super Leon.
 Pinata candy!
 He got spoiled with presents
 Some fun Daniel Tiger play sets!
 His cake! 
I just got a Costco cake and added my own decorations
 All his presents
 Singing "Happy Birthday"
 Grandpa and Grandma!
 Our little fmaily

Jack turns 3! {August 30th 2014}

For Jack's Birthday morning he woke up to presents and yummy cinnamon rolls with Birthday candles on top! He got a lot of Hulk stuff, new underwear(he started potty training after his Birthday), and lots of Ninja Turtle stuff
 Max's un-birthday gift
 Big Hulk from Max to Jack

Max's first day of Pre-Kindergarten

Max's last year at his preschool stared back in August

 Jack picked out a car for Max for his first day

Hulk Smash!

 Jack got this awesome Hulk costume from our good friends and neighbors the Kim's. Jack LOVES Hulk and had a Hulk birthday party so this was so exciting for him. He also got this awesome car for his Birthday from Mason's parents.
It is so hilarious and somewhat creepy when Max and Jack wear it around the house.

"Hulk drive car!"
 And just a cute one of Jack and Leon

Tresa and Eric are having a...

Mason's sister Tresa and her husband Eric are expecting their first baby, a girl! Due February 22nd 2015! They surprised the other cousins with cupcakes with letters on them that they had to un-scramble. It was so cute to see their reactions and we are all excited to welcome the 6th grandchild and 3rd grand-daughter!
 The realization
 Seinna excited to have another girl in the family

Random August Pictures

 Legos, Legos, Legos, everyday Max is obsessed 
and cannot wait till he is old enough to get the "big sets"
(he is only aloud to get the ones under $40 because he is just still to young to keep all the sets together)

My boys are are "boys" Although Jack loves Frozen and Doc McStuffins ;_
 They love video games when they are aloud to play

 Leon where he used to sleep the best besides my arms, his awesome 4moms swing
 A random photo shoot on our porch, because.
 Max wasn't feeling it and Jack was trying to talk to him
My Handsome boy
 My Cutie