Friday, December 19, 2014

Hangs on the porch

In August we hung out on our front porch a lot. With little baby Leon and I on the swing and the boys running around out front. Max and Jack also got really into Angry Birds Star Wars. I used to not like angry birds because I felt like the game was so dumb and it was taking over everything, but the kids really love the games on our iPad and my phone and they got so excited when we found a bunch on clearance at Target. So because I am so persuaded by their excitement and happiness I gave in. But it has been fun because you actually build things out of the blocks to knock it down with the little bird figures and I love them using their imagination with it. So there is my plug for Angry Birds Star Wars ;).
 Some great pictures to follow:
Jack is my crazy silly one
 Their prized Angry Birds
 I love that they have each other
 What a Handsome first born I have!
 Can't forget baby Leon

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