Thursday, December 18, 2014

July 4th 2014

Our July 4th was so fun this year. Leon was only two weeks old so we skipped the parade this year and decided to go to the Natural History Museum of Utah. We got there and had lunch, and Jack spilled lemonade all over and it spilled all over Max's shorts. Max was so upset so we just let him roam the museum in his underwear :). The kids loved it and it was so nice to be in a air conditioned museum with a new baby then outside in the heat. We saw dinosaurs and evolution,  we created our own earthquakes and saw lots of different rocks. For dinner we headed over to my second cousins new house for a BBQ. It was nice to see all the family I never get to see any other time. After dinner we went home and hung out in front of our house with a few of our neighbors to watch fireworks. It was so awesome to be able to see almost all of the fireworks from Salt Lake Valley from the comforts of our front porch.

There was so many yummy treats everyone brought for the Firework watching
 Jack and his buddy Benjamin

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  1. CUTE! I love their little 4th of July outfits! It really is one of the best holidays.