Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maximus' Room

Max's room is small and awkward, with a one of his walls covered in cork board(with what looks like a death star on it) So here is how I have decorated it with what I have. Hopefully soon I can get him a nice bed comforter and sheet set but for now here it is.

I want my kids to always love the world and want to learn more about different countries and things so I always wants a map in their rooms

Probably Max's favorite part of his room, his drums.

I had to include this picture of his little "town" he built this morning

I love that elephant humidifier, we also have a frog one of the same brand for Jack

I do love the built in shelves in his room

on his dresser

I play piano lullaby's for him at night on my iPod

A painting by Max, he chose where to hang it :)

Cute Jack while I took pictures

I put all his clothes low so he can pick his shirt out everyday

I want my kids to grow up loving New York and taking them there to show them Mine and Masons city we fell in love in.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jack at 5 months

My Jackamo is just over 5 months and I feel so bad about how little I have written for him. It really is harder when you have a second one and you try to make sure you are giving each kid your attention and time. I feel bad I wrote for Max every month...

Well I am starting now:
Jack is slowly starting to sit up on his own I'm sure by the end of this month he will get it down.
He is the happiest baby, he loves everyone and has the cutest smile when I just talk to him.
He gets so excited when we make him laugh I love it.
He is in love with his older brother and laughs at him even if he is just sitting beside him watching tv.
Jack has the kind of personality that just makes people love him.
Unlike Max Jack has not taken to eating very well. We have tried rice cereal and avocados and he gags and spits out both. we will work on that.
He wants his momma over anyone right now, and I love it :)
He is still a crazy eater and eats every 3 hours or so...even at night.(hopefully we can end that one soon)
He gives the best open mouth kisses.
He is so much smaller then Max was and it is so fun to have such a different little guy.

I love this little Jack boy and his brother more then anything. I am one lucky lady to have two handsome beautiful boys.
Just look at those eyes, they kill me!
Oh and that smile!
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