Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wonderful day Together...

Mason and I went out to Riverside park(upper west side) and to Grants tomb and had such a good afternoon together. It is by far my favorite part in New York. The park was beautiful and all the blossoms were blooming. There was also a movie filming in one of the apartments across from the park so that was kind of cool. then we swung on the swings. and then went to Tom's Restaurant(The Seinfeld Diner) I love how the older guy kinda knows us there. then we just went grocery shopping, YAY!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

nothing new

So, here we are still Living in New York with no one taking over our lease to move to California. I guess we just are not supposed to leave yet. It's frustrating though when you are so ready to move on to a new place but nothing is happening to help it. Mason is at The Container Store working hard as always. And me? I'm home sick :). Not very fun. Tomorrow is our day off together though so hopefully I will be feeling better and we can have a awesome day in the city. OH! and there is a new Death Cab for Cutie song out. I am so excited for the new album out on May 13th. So click to go watch the new video for "I will possess you heart"