Friday, January 22, 2010

My Etsy

I finally decided what I wanted to sell on my etsy shop. I started making handmade bobby pins! they are so fun to make and turn out really cute. I got the idea because I love unique cute things for my hair and use bobby pins all the time. I got a set from Anthropology awhile back when I was living in New York and love them. I named my shop belli copelli, which means beautiful hair in Italian, Mason gave me the great idea for the name:). So go check it out:

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am just sitting at home alone waiting for my Mason to come home from work(it's not fun until he is home). Just having a lazy day today, feeling tired from the pregnancy. I am so lucky to be able to relax at home while Mason works so hard for both of us. I love feeling every little movement our baby makes and it gets me so excited I can hardly stand it. I cannot wait until this little guy is born! I cant believe how much I love him right now and how it will all be so much more real when I hear his first cry and they put him in my arms. Mason and I are just counting down the days until we get to meet him.

We Love you so much already our little Maximus Conway.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Shower

The beautiful Host

Mason and I went to Utah for New years this year. We drove out on Thursday the 31st with his parents and spent New Years Eve with my mom. On Saturday my sister Emily and my brother Ben threw me the funnest baby shower. It was so sweet of them. Ben made the small lunch which consisted of Bruschetta, potato finger things with goat cheese, and Parmesan crisps, it was all very delicious. Then for dessert he did small round brownies with cream cheese frosting on top with raspberries and raspberry sauce. We played three games and just talked and laughed and caught up since most of us had not seen each other for awhile. Then I opened all the wonderful gifts. It was nice to also spend time with Masons family and our two cute neices on Saturday evening and Sunday. Mason and I flew home on Sunday, it was a short trip but we made the most of it.