Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve: Part II

trying to get a decent family picture all in our Christmas pajamas(except Mason) . Max thinks its best to do one with a karate kick, which I love.

Uncle Josh is cool

Chasing Max to eat his "brains"...Uncles. 

cookies and the best Eggnog for Santa, cause I heard he likes Eggnog best.

And its not Christmas Eve without a showing of Home Alone 1&2. 

The stockings all full from Santa! We adopted my mom and Josh for the holidays and decided to spoil them.

Cookies after Santa came!

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of...Jake and the neverland pirates ship in their heads" (and Kermit the frog for Jack) 

Santa came! and now we wait till morning...
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve: Part I

On Christmas Eve morning we decided to start a new tradition this year for the kids to open their gifts to each other in the morning so it didn't get all jumbled with all the other presents. And to make it more special. Max unwrapped a new wagon from Jack, and Jack opened a new car Max picked out for him at Toy R Us.
Then we loaded them up in the car to go pick up my brother Josh from down south.
The roads were crazy from all the snow but once we got to the freeway it was a lot better, but at one point near the point of the mountain we were going 10mph because of strong winds blowing snow onto the road making it hard to see. But we made it back and went to Mason's parents for a awesome dinner of homemade panini's and leek soup.

Max trying to play Star Wars Monopoly, he has been obsessed with Star Wars lately.

Panini fixings 

after dinner I got the kids dressed up to do the Nativity

Then it was time to open presents from family. Max and Jack of course got spoiled.
We got Mason's parent's a picture frame collage with pictures of the Grand-kids in it.

Jack seeing if he can fit in Max's Curious George lunchbox.

A huge truck and cars from Tresa!

for Max's obsession 

Curious George tea set!

my cute husband

Doctor Maximus

to be continued...
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Dinner and Lights

Best buddies
Everyone at dinner

Jack and Grandpa
Tresa and Max looking at the cool candy ornaments 

Hanging out on Trax

Ignore Mason's crazy face he was trying to get Max to look at the camera and smile.

The Tuesday before Christmas we got together with Mason's family for dinner at The Little America Hotel, downtown(to celebrate his mom's Birthday). After dinner we hoped on Trax, Max was so excited to go on a "real train". We took it to Temple Square and walked around to see all the lights.
It was freezing and Jack refused to be bundled up in the stroller which made me worry about his tiny little hands and face getting to cold. 
After seeing all the lights we walked across the street to City Creek and looked at the Macy's window displays.
We took Trax back to The Little America and headed home. It was such a fun night with family.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bathtime Buddies

I love that these boys are so close in age, yes it is very hard sometimes(most of the time) and they don't always get along. But when they do it is so worth it and I am excited to see their friendship grow as they grow older together.

I love these two cutie boys of mine.
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