Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a wonderful Halloween. Yesterday we started off our festivities by making Mason's traditional Halloween dinner in a Pumpkin. It was oh so yummy and will definitely be our new tradition. I ate it alone while watching Hocus Pocus because Mason had a show that night with his band, and because Max was asleep.

Today we went to downtown Burbank, all the stores give out candy and they have a parade for dogs that are dressed up. Max had fun making cute noises and being the cutest bat ever. He made a lot of people stop and smile and tell us how cute he was. It was so sweet when I would let him pick a candy and his little hands grabbing it was so cute! Mason and I stopped and had dinner at a sushi place and then headed home where we checked out Max's stash of candy.


Making people smile

Checking out his candy

Back home, checking out his stash
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

"...The muted cries and laughter of boys and girls, full of costume dreams and pumpkin spirit. Preparing for the greatest night of the year. Better then Easter, better then Christmas, Halloween."
-Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

I hope you all have a


Love, Maximus the Bat
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A painting for Maximus

Awhile ago I painted a canvas I had all black just for fun, I didn't know what I would paint on it but I thought it would be fun in that moment to just paint the whole thing one color and leave it for another day.

As I was putting Max down for a nap I had an idea for it, an astronaut on the moon! So just for Max I made him an astronaut standing on the moon with his flag, with earth in the distance.

I am pretty proud of it, and I hope Max grows to love it.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend with my family in Northern California

This last weekend Mason and I had the chance to go to my sister, Becky's in Northern California. My dad was kind enough to buy us both plane tickets. I flew up early Thursday morning with Max. I thought Max would be good because it was an early flight and he is always so happy in the morning. But I think because he woke up at 5am and didn't get his morning nap he was overly tired. So the plane ride up was not very fun, he cried the entire time. Luckily everyone was so sweet on the plane and told me how brave I was, lol. As soon as we were off the plane Max fell asleep in his stroller.

My sister, Emily, and her boyfriend, Colin, already had arrived the night before from Utah (they drove). Thursday night my mom, brothers Josh and Ben, and Ben's girlfriend Meggie, joined us from Utah also.

So it was a full house with my whole family which can get pretty crazy especially with my two nephews, Jonah and Isaiah, and my niece Analynn(all Becky and Shane's kids). Max was a little out of his element but he did good and loved his aunt Emily and aunt Becky. Thursday we all just hung out I went with Becky to surprise Jonah to pick him up at school.

Friday I got to go with my mom and Becky to Isaiah's preschool Pumpkin Patch day, which was so fun. Then Becky's friend Liz took Isaiah to her house to play and my mom, Becky, and I went with Max and Analynn to go out for lunch. We went to a cute restaurant called The Farmer, I got a yummy Avocado Tuna melt...mmmm. Then we just all hung out until it was time to go pick up Mason from the airport that night. Max was so happy to see his daddy, it was the cutest thing.

That night poor Max had tooth pains from teething (his top two side teeth are coming in). So we got very little sleep. The next morning we all headed out along with Becky's friend Liz and her husband and three kids, to the Muir Woods. When we got there parking was horrible but we scored a spot right in the main parking lot then the others just had to park down the road a bit. It was colder then we expected but it turned out to be fine. We enjoyed a yummy lunch we brought and then walked through the woods. It is so beautiful there I love it. Max seemed to be enjoying himself even though he was so tired from the night before.

After the Muir Woods we had a combined Birthday party for Jonah, Isaiah, & Analynn. Because Analynn's Birthday is October 23rd and Jonah's is October 28th and because Isaiah gets left out because his is February 10th. So it was crazy fun. And my best friend Kaitlin who is going to school in San Francisco was kind enough to take BART all the way out to come and see Me and Emily. I loved seeing her even though I wish we had more time to just talk and visit.

Then Sunday came and Everyone left really early to drive back to Utah except us and my dad. Because my dad flew back to Canada on Monday. Mase and I said goodbye and my dad drove us to the airport in the cold and rain. The plane ride home was so much better then the one there. Max was so happy and cute.

I had such a fun time with my family and hope we can all see each other again soon, we do not get together nearly enough. I love you guys!!

Now for a lot of pictures...

Analynn loved having Max there, she was so cute with him.

Sweet Analynn, I love her!!
Isaiah in the straw maze at the Pumpkin Patch
Shane, Isaiah, and Analynn
Me and Max at the pumpkin patch
The corn box, it was filled with dry corn kernels

Isaiah and Max in their matching shirts my dad got them from Roots in Canada
My Beautiful mommy, I am so lucky.

Analynn chilling in the car singing to The White Stripes


More from the pumpkin patch

Isaiah and his friend James(Liz's boy)

Jonah ready to go to Martial Arts
Grandpa Kevin!

Ben and Meggie got a hold of my camera
Everyone at the Muir Woods

Jonah and his Nonna
They're in a tree!

Josh & Jonah

I love this one of Isaiah, haha

They're trying to be cool.
The birthday party:
Jonah's gift from Grandpa Kevin, How to Train your Dragon
I made each of the kids their own activity art books
Here is Analynn opening hers
Isaiah's book
Jonah's book
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