Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend at Great Grandma and Grandpa Morris'

This last weekend Mason and I decided it was time to head out to his grandparents for a visit. We also had a lot of laundry to do and they are always kind enough to let us do it there. I love going to his grandparents its like a mini vacation. They are nice to talk to and visit with and there is always yummy food. And they have a pretty backyard that is so nice to sit and relax in. The picture above is our Sunday morning breakfast out on the putting green in our Pj's.

After losing all my grandparents, I feel so lucky that I gained such wonderful new grandparents and I love them very much. Max is warming up to them he is still in that stage of not sure of strangers. He is also shy around other people like Mason and I. But after a day and a half he kinda let Great Grandpa hold him. We also got to finally meet Mason's cousin Melanie's baby boy Harvey and he is so cute! It was nice to visit with another new mommy.Then after our wonderful weekend we drove home and Max slept the whole time while Mason and I talked the whole time, I loved it! More on our adventures to the Pumpkin Patch in another post...

Eating Dopey

Great Grandpa Morris and Maximus(they are both M.C.M's)
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  1. Ah these are adorable. What kind of camera do you have?