Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Birthday Weekend: Part 2 Kidney stone

For Saturday we planned on going to the mall for me to spend some of my Birthday money and we needed some things from Target. But since Max hadn't gotten very good naps the last couple of days because of the museums I wanted him to have at least two good naps before we went out. And Mason had a show he was doing down in Santa Ana at 7pm. But after Max's second nap and after I had gotten all ready to go out Mason was feeling pretty sick and starting to feel pain like a Kidney Stone(he would know he has had 3). He knew it was getting worse and instead of waiting till he was on his knees in pain and throwing up we headed to Urgent Care.

After checking in, Mason was in A LOT of pain. We finally got in and they decided to hook him up to an I.V. and give him some Morphine. The Morphine helped for a bit but then he was back to having horrible pain. They took him in for an x-ray to make sure it was a stone(even though we already knew...). So after being at the hospital for 4 hours the Doctor came in and even seeing Mason in horrible pain would not give him more Morphine even though it was safe to do so and having proof of the x-ray that he actually did have a Kidney Stone. Mason and I were pretty mad about that since that is the reason we went to the Hospital was to relieve his Kidney Stone pain. So we left with his prescription of pain meds and headed home with a very tired baby and two hungry people, one in still a lot of pain.

So that was our wonderful Saturday, poor Mason. But then we went home ate dinner and Mase took his pain medicine and we watched the movie Babies which I enjoyed.
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