Thursday, October 21, 2010

Make Yourself Known

So because I am a very curious person, I would like to know if you read my blog. Because I read lots of other blogs and when I do, I try to leave a comment to let the person know how much I enjoy reading their blog.

I would like whoever stumbles across my blog and likes it or the regulars to please leave a comment. Because are we not all curious as to who reads our blog? And the people reading mine I would like to check out their blog also(assuming they have one).

So please if you are reading this leave a comment.


  1. Hey Meaghan, its me, Emily, your sister. I always read your blog and try to comment. Also here are links to my blogs...

    Side note, I've had to microwave to reheat my coffee twice sucks.

  2. I totally read yo blog sista frien! And I LOVE YOU

  3. I'm here. Alllllllways listening. But I still think you're only going to get the people who comment on your blog to actually comment. I'm SURE you have secret admirers too shy to speak up. LOVES

  4. I'm here. I love to see all the family blogs.

  5. Lake here! I always read your blog! Absolutely love it.

  6. Know I am here! Lol. From your title, I was expecting some profound thought about making myself known as a person and I thought it was going to be like a blog post from heaven because I'm currently feeling like I wish I was something more, something bigger and better. Bleh.

    Anyway, I wish I could do a post like this and people would comment. I'll bet the 1/2 of people who read/sneak peek/ or pass by your blog won't comment.