Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a wonderful Halloween. Yesterday we started off our festivities by making Mason's traditional Halloween dinner in a Pumpkin. It was oh so yummy and will definitely be our new tradition. I ate it alone while watching Hocus Pocus because Mason had a show that night with his band, and because Max was asleep.

Today we went to downtown Burbank, all the stores give out candy and they have a parade for dogs that are dressed up. Max had fun making cute noises and being the cutest bat ever. He made a lot of people stop and smile and tell us how cute he was. It was so sweet when I would let him pick a candy and his little hands grabbing it was so cute! Mason and I stopped and had dinner at a sushi place and then headed home where we checked out Max's stash of candy.


Making people smile

Checking out his candy

Back home, checking out his stash
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  1. Ahhh meaghan you have a baby!! its still crazy to me sometimes. Max looks so cute!! And will probably get fat from all that candy

  2. hahah. He looks so guilty eating his candy. His costume is darling!

  3. What a tasty peach! Sooooo, after you took all the pictures your ripped the candy out of his hand and ate it right? Don't worry, he's too young to remember.