Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday

 Here are some shots from my phone of our nice weekend. It was so nice outside
we went for walks and spent some time out on our porch. I also found out Max is
afraid of ants, I think he gets it from me...ants creep me out, they are just so small they can get in anywhere and there are always TONS of them close by when you find one.
other big news:
we are so very excited, nervous, scared, and happy.
It is being built so we move at the end of July when it is complete.
I can't wait!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My sunshines

I can't wait till the nice weather is here to stay.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter morning "the Easter Bunny" left a trail of Easter eggs leading to Max and Jack's Easter baskets! Max loved following the eggs, down the stairs, out the front door where his Easter basket was waiting.
We had such a nice morning and I was SO glad the weather was so beautiful. After nap time we headed over to Mason's parents for a wonderful dinner with lots of his family, there was around 18 people. It turned out so fun thanks to Mason's mom for making such an delicious meal.
The kids played outside in the awesome weather and Max was determined to try and ride a bike that was much to big for him.

Later in the evening I got THEE worst tooth ache ever...So that didn't make for the best night.
But I was lucky enough to get it taken care of the next morning.
Tooth pain is the worst.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

"no, no, no mummy!"

Lately Max is going through a little bit of a "no" phase.
And he is so funny about me doing things.
for example:
I took him to the toddler story time at our library where they sing songs and do actions.
So to try and get Max involved instead of just sitting on my lap being silent, I started singing along and doing the actions...Max turned to me and and waived his hand in my face saying "no, no , no!" and tried to cover my mouth. So I told him I could sing the songs even if he didn't want to. He got better near the end but I think I need to take him to more social things.

Then the other day my sister Emily came over and Max was taking her upstairs to show her his new play kitchen in his room. as I followed behind Max turned and said, "no, no, Mummy. downstairs." as he pointed for me to stay downstairs.

I hope its just a phase, he is growing up way to fast!
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