Friday, April 6, 2012

"no, no, no mummy!"

Lately Max is going through a little bit of a "no" phase.
And he is so funny about me doing things.
for example:
I took him to the toddler story time at our library where they sing songs and do actions.
So to try and get Max involved instead of just sitting on my lap being silent, I started singing along and doing the actions...Max turned to me and and waived his hand in my face saying "no, no , no!" and tried to cover my mouth. So I told him I could sing the songs even if he didn't want to. He got better near the end but I think I need to take him to more social things.

Then the other day my sister Emily came over and Max was taking her upstairs to show her his new play kitchen in his room. as I followed behind Max turned and said, "no, no, Mummy. downstairs." as he pointed for me to stay downstairs.

I hope its just a phase, he is growing up way to fast!
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  1. haha. Yeah- all of my nieces and nephews have gone through this phase. They will even say no about things they normally like. It will pass.

  2. You're already embarrassing him in public!? Wow, that's hurtful. Also really funny.