Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dreaming of days like these...


Drive-in movies!

splashing in water!

snow cones to cool down(also Max's mullet...)!

I think pretty much everyone is done with winter now, especially here in Utah where we have this disgusting inversion. We never go outside lately unless we have to get in the car. I am running out of things to do with the kids indoors. And everywhere I would love to go costs so much or is to far away. WAH, ok I am sorry for complaining, but come on who else is so ready for the nice warm spring weather! GRASS! SUNSHINE! PARKS! BARE-FEET! FARMERS MARKET!  HAPPY KIDS!
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Day

After opening all the stocking gifts and eating breakfast we moved on to open the gifts under the tree.
Max got his beloved Jake and the Neverland Pirate ship, it was so fun to watch him open that. Jack loved his Walter and Kermit and they both loved their new movie 'Arthur Christmas' we have watched it a lot since Christmas. Josh and my mom got some needed gifts from "Santa" ;).
And my mom was so sweet to get Mason a one-a-day calender and Simpsons season 11. She got me some sewing stuff that I needed.
After we were done with gifts, we put on A Christmas Story on the TV and the kids played with their new toys while Josh took a nap. It was a nice relaxing day.

In the late afternoon Mason's family came over to hang out.
Then we all headed back to Mason's parents for Christmas dinner.

Jack eating his dessert ice cream snowman, with his eyes crossed...

Max playing with his cousins new Barbie house. I am also guilty of playing with it, THE TV POPS OUT OF THE TOP OF THE FIREPLACE!

Uncle Josh being a cool Uncle

sweet bums
And that is the end of our wonderful Christmas!
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas morning

The Christmas morning tradition I grew up with was waking up to stockings filled with gifts from Santa(wrapped), with the bigger presents from Santa and parents under the tree.
We decided to do that same tradition for our kids. So when they woke up on Christmas morning, Mason got the camera ready and I brought them downstairs to see what Santa had brought them. It was our first Christmas with kids just us at home and it was so nice! The kids slowly opened each stocking gift, and were excited for each little thing they unwrapped. After they were done my mom and Josh opened their stockings.
For breakfast Mason and I ran and got Village Inn to-go, it was nice to not have to cook and have a big breakfast. 
After breakfast is when we opened the under the tree gifts. (growing up we had to eat a big breakfast, make our beds, putting all of our stocking gifts nicely our own bed, and then got dressed nicely.)

Max got his "blue" light saber!

Jack loved all his animal friends he got in his stocking

It was nice Max didn't need any help to open gifts this year.

riding on his Lion.

My mom opening her stocking

The camera man.

Josh opening the beard trimmer he needed

Playing with stocking gifts

"I BRRROOOVVE it!" that is what Max was saying...
because that is the noise a drill makes

Coloring with Uncle Josh

Our yummy breakfast

to be continued...
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