Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dreaming of days like these...


Drive-in movies!

splashing in water!

snow cones to cool down(also Max's mullet...)!

I think pretty much everyone is done with winter now, especially here in Utah where we have this disgusting inversion. We never go outside lately unless we have to get in the car. I am running out of things to do with the kids indoors. And everywhere I would love to go costs so much or is to far away. WAH, ok I am sorry for complaining, but come on who else is so ready for the nice warm spring weather! GRASS! SUNSHINE! PARKS! BARE-FEET! FARMERS MARKET!  HAPPY KIDS!
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  1. Here here! I'm so sick of this winter. Let it be over.

  2. And here too... we're still right smack in the middle of winter. Yesterday windchill made it -22 degrees. At least the kids had in-door recess. It has to be below -5 for that to happen. Crazy Minnesota!

    1. That is crazy they only keep them inside at -5!