Friday, July 22, 2011

The Blues

Lately I feel so bad for being lazy and not taking Max outside more or to go do fun stuff. I am just at that point in my pregnancy where chasing around a one year old doesn't sound fun.

But I can't wait till I can run around with Max again and cuddle him close without a huge belly in my way.

So when Max was playing the Harmonica the other day(which he does quite well) I thought it was funny to think of him playing the blues. Especially since he was standing by the front door facing it while he played.

"I can't touch the playstation3...
I can't go outside...
I can't touch things I want to...
and I got a rash on my backside...
Oh I got the blues"
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Thursday, July 21, 2011


This last week i have been really into getting things clean and organized for when Jack is born. And it is getting oh so close! I am now 34 weeks and 5 days along. We went out and got newborn pacifiers, diapers, wipes, and other little stuff we needed. I have mainly been crazy about keeping the upstairs clean since that is where I will be spending a lot of time with Jack. I have his crib all ready and changing area. I can't wait to meet my sweet little baby. He makes sure to let me know he is there, he is a little mover.

Our nice clean room

TV watching area

Jack's area :)

Changing area with clothes still needing to be put away

I love having tiny soft diapers again,
I can't wait to put them on his little bum.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ben and Meggie's Reception

Ben and Meggie's reception was held in Ben's friends backyard, which was awesome and beautiful. People came and went and it was nice to see a few people I hadn't seen in a long time. The reception went from 5-8 so around 7 Max was very ready for dinner, and since they only had desserts(which were so very good) we left to go find some dinner. It was perfect timing because we left right when it started to rain. It took a little longer to find some food but we finally ended up eating at a pizza place with Emily and Colin, and Sarai. It was so good but by the time we finished dinner it was almost 9 and since we were my dad's ride back to our place we felt bad when we showed up and he was waiting on the church lawn. But we gave him our leftover pizza and all was forgiven :).

{The Beautiful Couple}

{Emily and Colin}

I know I am huge, being eight months pregnant will do that to you :)
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ben & Meggie's Wedding

{Before the Wedding}

We all drove down Friday morning to Meggie's grandparents cabin for my brother Ben's wedding to my new sister in-law Meggie. It was a nice drive and when we got there we all got ready and then the ceremony began. It was so beautiful and simple. Mason played the guitar for when they walked down the aisle and I think he did great. After the ceremony we had a luncheon with yummy vegan sandwiches, fruit salad, and sparkling cranberry juice. Followed by a chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and carrot cake. After a lot of the guests left, Meggie's family and all of my family stayed the night. We had vegan s'mores and a campfire. It was fun to just hang out with everyone. The next morning we left to go home and get ready for their reception.

{my dad and Max before the wedding}

{my beautiful Mom}

{my dad and his grandsons}

{Mason during the ceremony}

{my brother Josh and Meggie's sister Rachel}


{Their awesome photographer Leo Patrone}

{Emily and Max after the ceremony}

{the yummy cakes}
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Monday, July 18, 2011

July Fourth {part 2}

In the afternoon everyone from my family showed up for a BBQ and swimming at our house. Everyone (except my dad who flew in that night) was there including, Emily, Colin, My mom, Brad, Ben, Meggie, Josh, Becky, Shane, Jonah, Isaiah, and Analynn.
It was so much fun and turned out a lot better then I expected. everyone had fun swimming for awhile while we got the food ready. Mason and I made a vegan and vegetarian potato salad and had chips and lemonade for everyone. Everyone just brought their own things to grill. and Ben and Meggie brought some of their yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies. We hung out and just talked, then when it got later we all headed over to Mason's parents for fireworks in their circle. We enjoyed talking and eating watermelon while we waited for it to get dark.
After the fireworks Mason and I headed to the airport to pick up my dad who flew in from Ontario, Canada for Ben and Meggie's wedding.
{Pool time}

{Cute Jonah}

{Max wishing he could go back in the pool}

{Josh and my mom hugging, I don't know what for but I'm glad I caught the moment}

{Cousin love}

{Ben and Meggie}


{The Fireworks!}
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