Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Growing to fast

Yep Max is already getting his two bottom teeth. We started to notice around 3 1/2 months when I had a sad night with him while Mason had a gig with his band. I had thought it was from him getting some sun over the weekend but I am sure now it was because those two teeth were breaking through. He has been more fussy and clingy, poor guy. He also loves to bite our knuckles and my chin. He is growing to fast I didn't think he would get teeth this soon. But he does look so very cute with those two teeth when he talks and grins. You cant see them very well in the photos but it is hard to get a 4 month old to sit still and keep his mouth open and tongue back.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An evening out

Dinner at Subway.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Dream Home

My dream home is a white sided black roof and black shutters, with a nice big porch. It would have a reading room like a small library with great light coming through big windows. Dark hardwood floors. A big open kitchen where my whole family can eat and cook. A garden in the backyard filled with fruits and vegetables. Lots of flowers and trees. Tall black double front doors with glass down the center . A tree lined driveway up to our home. And lots of windows. Its nice to dream.
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Living in New York
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Morris Family Picnic

Tresa holding Max and Savannah

Sunday after the wedding we had a Morris family get together at a nearby park. We had delicious subway sandwiches for lunch. They also put together a combined baby shower for Melanie, who is due the 1st of August with a boy and Chelsea, who is due in October I think with twin girls! So that was fun to watch them open gifts. But backtracking just a bit to that morning when Mason realized he had a Kidney stone...Yeah not so fun. He has had two other ones before so he knew what it feels like. We had just finished breakfast when he came back up to our hotel room and was in a lot of pain(which he handles very well). So while I enjoyed the picnic with his family his brother Palmer took him to a nearby clinic, they sent him on his way with a nice prescription of percocet. So he only got to spend a little bit of time at the park with everyone before we had to head back up to LA for a show, his band played at a benefit concert for the leukemia and lymphoma Society. Which I wasn't able to go but I got to see the recording of it his sister Tresa took you can hear them here. Their band name is Bellum Pax and they are really good, I know its my husbands band but they are :)
Sienna loving Max

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Wedding

At 5pm the ceremony began. It was so pretty, Natalie looked beautiful and they had the sweetest vows. I had fun taking pictures of the beautiful location we were at. After the Ceremony there was drinks and lots of delicious appetizers. It was nice to just mingle with people. Then we were seated for dinner. It was so sweet of Jeff and Natalie to think of Mason and I being vegetarian because we got a "special" vegetarian dinner. It started with a yummy salad and rolls then our main dish. It was fun to watch everyone dance and just sit and enjoy being with family. Mason and I didn't stay to enjoy cake because Max was getting tired. But we did make a stop on our way out at the candy bar decked out with all things purple(that was their main colour). It ended up being just a wonderful relaxing weekend with family.
Logan and Anna, cute flower girls

Mason and Max during the Ceremony

Tresa and Savannah
I love that smile

Max and his cute second cousin Caleb
(Caleb is 7 months and weighs less then Max:)

Me and Sleepy Max

Max and his Aunt Lexi
Savannah and Sienna
Aunt Lexi

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Before the Wedding

Mason's cousin Jeff just got married to Natalie over this last weekend and we were able to head down to San Diego to attend their beautiful wedding. We drove down Friday night(the 9th) with Max fast asleep. We arrived at our hotel and said hello to family before heading to bed. The next day before the wedding we hung out and then all went to lunch at a soup and salad place in town. It was so nice to eat and relax and for Max to see his cousins Savannah and Sienna who adore him, along with his two aunts one uncle and grandparents. I love the picture of Savannah and Max comparing feet.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Soaking it up

I started thinking lately and by reading other blogs of other mothers whose baby's are getting bigger and growing up. It makes me want to just soak up my little baby just as he is right now my sweet tiny little guy(ok not so tiny). He is asleep right now in his crib and I miss him when he sleeps, as frustrated as I get sometimes when he is fussy and wont sleep once he is asleep I want to hold him and make him laugh. For the most part he is a happy baby. I love the way he puts his little arms almost around my neck and shoves his face into my shoulder and sucks on my shirt. Or how he is so ticklish now and has the cutest little scream laugh. In the middle of the night after I feed him and burp him I hold him close and just sit there with him for a bit, I LOVE holding my sleeping baby. I love the way his little face lights up with a smile when I go to pick him up out of his crib in the early morning to come and cuddle with me.

I am so sad for him to get older and bigger I know it is a little ways away but I can see how quickly it goes bye, I look back on his newborn pictures and feel like that was so long ago and he is only almost 4 months. But I do look forward to seeing his little personality come out and the day he can say 'Momma' and tell me 'I love you'. But for now I can wait. For now I will just soak in my baby, the way he is right now.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fourth of July!

The fourth of July is kinda a special day for me and Mason. You see 5 Years ago we broke up just before the fourth...that wasn't really great but I think it was necessary for us. Then 3 years ago I flew out to New York on the fourth to see Mason and we fell in love over that visit. Then 2 years ago we moved from New York to California and stopped in Utah for the Fourth. THEN... last year I found out I was pregnant with my sweet Maximus on July 3rd. But this year Mason, Tresa and I went out to Newport Beach to Mason's Aunt Annie's. It was such a fun relaxing Fourth. We sat around and talked and did some sparklers. Ate a delicious dinner with angel food cake with ice cream and strawberries on top. Mason and I hung out at Ann's while everyone else walked down towards the beach to see fireworks. It was not to eventful or anything but I just love sitting around and talking. And I'm sure Max had a fun time on his first Fourth of July.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

I cannot stop staring..

at my beautiful baby and those blue eyes, and kissing those cheeks!
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