Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Dream Home

My dream home is a white sided black roof and black shutters, with a nice big porch. It would have a reading room like a small library with great light coming through big windows. Dark hardwood floors. A big open kitchen where my whole family can eat and cook. A garden in the backyard filled with fruits and vegetables. Lots of flowers and trees. Tall black double front doors with glass down the center . A tree lined driveway up to our home. And lots of windows. Its nice to dream.
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  1. omg i think you just described the house i want! plus a forest and a lake near by

  2. Oh Meaghan this IS a beautiful house! I love that we have these kind of things in common! My dream house is really similar to that only I want mine to be a little more victorian. With an attic window! Magical things will happen up there...