Friday, July 16, 2010

Morris Family Picnic

Tresa holding Max and Savannah

Sunday after the wedding we had a Morris family get together at a nearby park. We had delicious subway sandwiches for lunch. They also put together a combined baby shower for Melanie, who is due the 1st of August with a boy and Chelsea, who is due in October I think with twin girls! So that was fun to watch them open gifts. But backtracking just a bit to that morning when Mason realized he had a Kidney stone...Yeah not so fun. He has had two other ones before so he knew what it feels like. We had just finished breakfast when he came back up to our hotel room and was in a lot of pain(which he handles very well). So while I enjoyed the picnic with his family his brother Palmer took him to a nearby clinic, they sent him on his way with a nice prescription of percocet. So he only got to spend a little bit of time at the park with everyone before we had to head back up to LA for a show, his band played at a benefit concert for the leukemia and lymphoma Society. Which I wasn't able to go but I got to see the recording of it his sister Tresa took you can hear them here. Their band name is Bellum Pax and they are really good, I know its my husbands band but they are :)
Sienna loving Max

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