Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Wedding

At 5pm the ceremony began. It was so pretty, Natalie looked beautiful and they had the sweetest vows. I had fun taking pictures of the beautiful location we were at. After the Ceremony there was drinks and lots of delicious appetizers. It was nice to just mingle with people. Then we were seated for dinner. It was so sweet of Jeff and Natalie to think of Mason and I being vegetarian because we got a "special" vegetarian dinner. It started with a yummy salad and rolls then our main dish. It was fun to watch everyone dance and just sit and enjoy being with family. Mason and I didn't stay to enjoy cake because Max was getting tired. But we did make a stop on our way out at the candy bar decked out with all things purple(that was their main colour). It ended up being just a wonderful relaxing weekend with family.
Logan and Anna, cute flower girls

Mason and Max during the Ceremony

Tresa and Savannah
I love that smile

Max and his cute second cousin Caleb
(Caleb is 7 months and weighs less then Max:)

Me and Sleepy Max

Max and his Aunt Lexi
Savannah and Sienna
Aunt Lexi

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  1. Oh I do love a good wedding! Nice photos Meaghan! Especially the ones of Max!