Monday, October 14, 2013

Max is in Preschool!

This is way late since Max has been in Preschool for a month and a half, but Here you go...Max's first day of Preschool!:

He requested to eat breakfast on the front porch swing.

The big boy himself

Jack had to be in on all the coolness

"first day!"

AH I love my handsome boy!
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Holly is in town!

catching Trax downtown

The Leonardo Museum
My cousin Holly made a stop in Utah between all her travels to come see us! She has been traveling from Toronto to Calgary, Alberta to Arizona and we were cool enough to be one of her stops. We just hung out the first day and then Emily and I took her downtown. We ended our day at Sages Cafe. That night we hung out and talked for forever, you know girl talk. Then it was time to say goodbye and send her on her way to San Francisco.
We still miss you Holly!
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

homemade donuts kind of morning

These two make mornings pretty great. And Mason's homemade donuts, those help a lot.
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Red Sands, Water, and Family

[helping grandpa steer the boat]

tomato mustache by Maximus

a Pirate eating his dinner

The only way to vacation at Lake Powell ;)

Dusk dance party

It was a one-way-mirror and they had no idea I could see them, it was great.

they found a Treasure map!

"X marks the spot"

Max is a natural

plenty of games were played

Grandparents with ALL the grand kids

Congrats you made it to the end :).
I have not had much motivation to blog lately. But you know what this little blog here is for me and my family so for that reason I wanted to try and start up again. And what better way then with our awesome yearly family vacation to Lake Powell from back in July (22nd-29th).
This place is special to Mason's family, they have been going most of Mason's life and I feel so lucky I now get to be apart of it. I can never get over how beautiful it is down there.

We spent most of our time reading, swimming, lounging, playing in the sand, eating, and napping, the best things in a vacation. Max was awesome in the water swimming on his own with his floaty on Yelling "MOMMY! Watch me swim over here! DADDY! Watch me swim to mommy!" I was very proud. Jack was unsure about the water at first but by our last day he wanted to sit right on the edge of the boat with no life jacket on...Yeah we didn't let him do that one. But I was happy he was starting to like the water. We had a campfire one night with yummy s'mores and I did not get bit by a mosquito ONCE! I was very happy about that.

It was an awesome trip and we are some lucky ducks that get to go back in a week, yes a week! So be prepared to see more Lake Powell pictures very soon.
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