Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Boys make the best sound effects. My brothers could always do awesome explosion sounds and the sound of a shooting gun. 
Watching Max play it is mostly his ships crashing and falling while he sings "Pirates life for me! Pirates life for me!". Such a boy.  He is so drawn to superheros, rocket ships, space, boats, pirates, and airplanes. And he already has the awesome crashing and shooting sound effects down. 
In the end both ships sank. And then rose back up to crash and sink again.
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Morning

Our Easter morning tradition we have started is the kids waking up to a trail of candy filled eggs left by the Easter Bunny, leading to their Easter baskets. We The Easter Bunny always puts a chocolate bunny, a new book to read at bedtime, a little toy and a shirt. This year he also left Wreck it Ralph for both the boys. While the boys sat looking through their Easter baskets I put on a record of classical music while Mason made scones (We are making the tradition of doing either scones or some kind of pastry on Easter morning). I set the table with our fancy dessert plates and french table cloth, when the kids are older I will set out our crystal glasses.
After breakfast we relaxed and then did baths and got everyone ready in their Easter best, one of my favorite parts is dressing up my family.
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chocolate Test

[Of course we had to do a smell test for each one]

Saturday night (the night before Easter) Mason and I made a last minute run to Target to get the rest of the kids Easter things. Mason was looking at the chocolate trying to decide which one was the best so he decided to get 4 different milk chocolate bars for us to test and determine which was the best out of the four. It turned out to be a weirdly fun night, just Mason and I smelling, tasting, and rating chocolate. So here is the system we did:

We tried four different kinds, Dove, Cadbury, Milka, and Lindtt, all Milk Chocolate. We rated them each from 1-10, 1 being gross and 10 being best ever, in five different categories: Smell, Creamness, Milky, Texture, Flavor/Happy feeling. And the overall winner:


Yes it was not part of the test but after trying all of them we went with Milka but would much rather have a bag of Guittard milk chocolate chips over any of the chocolate bars we tested. 

I love that Mason just randomly wanted to do this, and of course I had to draw the rating sheets and everything, and do a blog post about it :).
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Leonardo


We went to The Leonardo Museum in Downtown Salt Lake last Saturday, we had a Groupon that was going to expire and it was a fun thing to do as a family over Easter weekend.

 It was a lot more kid friendly then I thought it would be. They had a whole area called "Pixel Play land" with things to play with based on pixel squares. There was also an art area where Max got to do different activities, like drawing on eggs and adding to a big collage egg. There was also big cushions placed throughout that the kids had fun jumping on. Max got to build an airplane in the workshop area and at the end we got Max and Jack each a little souvenir, Max picked out a cool Egyptian man and then a toy Anubis figurine for Jack. 

They also had the Mummies exhibit which I really want to see but we didn't want to take the kids, even though Max kept asking to see the mummies :). Hopefully Mason and I can make it back before its gone.  

We ended our time at the museum having an early dinner in their cafe. Where Max broke down because he didn't get a whole cookie...I guess that is what you get when you skip nap time.
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