Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Leonardo


We went to The Leonardo Museum in Downtown Salt Lake last Saturday, we had a Groupon that was going to expire and it was a fun thing to do as a family over Easter weekend.

 It was a lot more kid friendly then I thought it would be. They had a whole area called "Pixel Play land" with things to play with based on pixel squares. There was also an art area where Max got to do different activities, like drawing on eggs and adding to a big collage egg. There was also big cushions placed throughout that the kids had fun jumping on. Max got to build an airplane in the workshop area and at the end we got Max and Jack each a little souvenir, Max picked out a cool Egyptian man and then a toy Anubis figurine for Jack. 

They also had the Mummies exhibit which I really want to see but we didn't want to take the kids, even though Max kept asking to see the mummies :). Hopefully Mason and I can make it back before its gone.  

We ended our time at the museum having an early dinner in their cafe. Where Max broke down because he didn't get a whole cookie...I guess that is what you get when you skip nap time.
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