Wednesday, February 27, 2013


{Emily visiting me in NYC, November 2007}

My baby sister Emily is coming to visit me! She gets in tonight from visiting my dad in Ontario, Canada. I am so excited to have her here. I always miss her(she lives in California right now).
So hurry to me my Obsolete Jenkens, my emiline, my emmy pie.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A day out and about

We woke up yesterday with nothing planned except to try and entertain ourselves at home. So when Mason's sister Tresa called me to do something, since she was watching our nieces, we were very glad. Tresa and the girls came over and we decided to all go out for lunch at Denny's. 

After lunch we headed downtown to the Clark Planatarium. 
We take Max there all the time because it is free and he loves all the space stuff. So it was fun to take the girls and Max thought it was so cool to show them everything. We decided to go see a movie in their dome theater about our solar system. It was so cool! and very educational ;).
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Punk

I love this little Jack boy of mine. His little personality is coming out more and more. He is a sweet one but is also very emotional and throws some good tantrums. I am not used to it because Max was always easy to reason with and never threw a tantrum. But he is the sweetest when he gives a hug, with a little pat on the back that makes my heart almost explode.  He is also very much a mamas boy, he cries if I leave the room and still nurses a lot, and gives me the cutest open mouth kisses. He leans in slowly with his eyes wide and plants a kiss on my lips. He is hilarious, he makes the funniest faces and loves when he gets a laugh from people. He is a big flirt, and smiles and makes cute eyes at anyone who will talk to him. I can not believe he is a year and a half, when Max was this age I gave birth to Jack. Poor Max had to grow up a little sooner then Jack. It is fun to watch them grow as brothers and start to play with each other more.
Oh my Jackamo, you sweet, crazy thing, don't grow up to fast. 
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finally, A nice day to be outside

We played outside yesterday for the first time in a month or more. It has just been so cold and with the inversion not very healthy for the kids to be outside, especially when they both have had a bad cough for over a week.
But it was so warm and sunny yesterday I couldn't keep them in, we didn't even need coats! So we pulled out the bikes, chalk, and balls. It was nice to use our yard for the first time with our fence all around it and grass laid. After playing outside for awhile we went in to snuggle, watch a show, and eat some snacks.
It makes me so excited for more warm weather to come our way.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentines Day


The night before Valentines I tried to tell Max what the next day was, he kinda got it? I said I was going to put his red mailbox on the kitchen table..."No! the counter. So I can see it"? so it changed to the kitchen counter per his request. I told him there would be treats for him and Jack in it. So when he woke up in the morning I showed them their treats from Mason and me.
After getting ready really quickly we all went out to brunch at Village Inn. Not very fancy but we love their cheap yummy breakfast, and Max is a big fan of their "funny face pancakes".
We were planning on going to a museum downtown but decided to do it another day, so we just ran some errands at Best Buy and Target and then headed home for nap time and a break.
We headed to Mason's parents in the evening to drop off the kids to spend dinner with their cousins. Mason's mom planned a fun dinner of red tomato soup and pink bread grilled cheese, with a dessert of heart cookies they got to frost with pink frosting. Mason and I got to go out on a date for a few hours and it was so nice. We decided on Red Rock for dinner and after walked around the near by mall. When we went back to pick up the kids they had made us the cutest valentines.
It ended up being such a nice day with family and evening hold hands and romancing with my love.
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from us, to you {a day late}

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my home

Lately we have been hanging out at home a lot. Between the cold weather and being sick we don't leave the house that often except for quick trips to Target or to get some milk, or other little grocery runs.

 I love rearranging once in awhile, and being stuck at home  it gave me something to do. So after lots of attempts to change our living room around I finally moved it in a way last night that I love. It feels more cozy yet more open to me and I love the feeling a room has after you change it around(especially since its so clean after cleaning under everything I move). So I thought I would share my "new" living room.
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