Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Love Bug

He is my super love bug:)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maximus is 1!

We had a party for Max on Saturday before his Birthday. We did it at Mason's parents and just had a few friends over and family. Max was so happy the whole time I loved it.
We had a sandwich bar so everyone with their different diets would each have something for them. Mason and I decided to get a vegan cake since we like doing vegan when we can and a few vegans would be attending. We got it from Cake Walk in Salt lake and it turned out really yummy.
We did a dinosaur theme since that is one thing Max seems to take an interest in. It was so fun and relaxing. It went smoother then I thought.
The Cake!
blowing out the candles(I blew them out)

first taste of something that sugary

And now there is no going back

On his Birthday, which is March 17th, yep St. Patrick's Day. He woke up to his present from Mason and I. We got him a Buzz Lightyear action figure. He was so happy when he saw the packaging, it was very cute. Then for breakfast we gave him mini waffles with a candle on top.
I love that smile
Then for his Birthday dinner we went out with family to The Mayan restaurant. I thought he would like all the cool things to touch and the waterfall and divers. And he loved it. He loved going around the waiting area and looking in all the big jugs. And he loved the water. The food was ok but the fun time with everyone was worth it. Then Max got sung "Happy Birthday" by us and our waiter.
It was a wonderful night and a good way to celebrate our 1 year old!
Before putting Max to bed I made sure to get in all the 'Happy Birthday's' I could.
Aunt Emily and Max at the Mayan

Emily and Colin
My mom and I
Tresa Max and Grandma
Savannah and Emily
Palmer and Lauren
Mason and Grandpa
Gabe and Lexi
Aunt Lexi

enjoying the waterfall
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am pregnant!
I am now almost 13 weeks along and due September 27th. It was a big surprise to us but we are SO excited and glad Maximus gets a little brother or sister.

{at 10 weeks}

now for the story:
When we got back from Utah in January after our nice long Christmas vacation with family I started feeling nauseous pretty much every morning. I thought it was maybe stress from getting ready to move to Utah. But then a week before we moved I threw up in the morning. Mason and I both looked at each other and thought the same thing, I wasn't pregnant, was I? So we went and got some pregnancy tests and sure enough it was positive, then I took another one, positive. Then just to be sure the next morning I took a third test, positive again. So Mason and I said, we can do this. I was nervous at first thinking of Max and how he would be a older brother at 18 months but then I got excited and happy that they will be close. So now Mason and I are just filled with excitement for this new little sweet baby to be apart of our family.

We got to hear the heartbeat last Friday and it is one of the best things. It made me feel more connected to this little cutie. I can't wait till we get to see our little baby on the ultrasound or when I feel the movements inside my belly.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Max loves fruit and especially sharing a sweet, juicy, nectarine with daddy.
And daddy loves sharing with his Maximus.

Oh I love those chunky legs! Not as chunky as they used to be though...

the end
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