Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby boy #3

Progression of my third pregnancy with this cute tiny boy of mine.  I am 33 weeks along this Monday and I cannot stand how excited I am that I get to hold this little guy so soon.  He moves a ton and I love feeling all his little sweet pokes and kicks. Max felt my belly today and I could tell that for the first time this pregnancy he thought it was so cool that he could feel his little brother moving in my belly under his little hand.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend: Sunday

 The boys woke up Easter morning to a trail of Easter eggs left by the Easter bunny, they followed it down the stairs out to the front porch to where their baskets were. They got the Octonauts submarine to share. They always have a treat, book, and new shirt in their Easter baskets and a new movie to share. This year their new movie was Ponyo, one of their favorites lately.

After finding their baskets we had our traditional breakfast of scones. 
We usually do a big Easter family dinner at Mason's parents but since they were out of town this year we decided to be fun and take the kids to dinner and a movie. We saw Mr. Peabody And Sherman, which was better then I thought it would be and the kids sat through the whole thing and were really into it.
It ended up being such a fun fmaily weekend.
 My belly! I am almost 32 weeks along
 Playing with there new Easter play dough the next morning
 Max wanted a Indiana Jones made out of play dough and Mason delivered

Easter weekend: Saturday

 We started off our Easter weekend early with our city's Easter egg hunt. They had 6 different sections for different age groups so that made it really nice for the little kids. Max and Jack got plenty of little candy and we got to meet the Easter Bunny. Mason's sister and her husband met up with us at the egg hunt and then we killed some time on a near by playground before heading to lunch at Cafe Rio.
Max had his first soccer game after lunch. He was so excited but once the game started he said he was nervous and didn't want to play. We didn't want to push him so we just talked to him about why he was nervous and said he could go in to play whenever  he wanted. He finally let his Aunt Tresa go in with him holding his hand and he was so cute kicking the ball. He sat back down but went in for the last kick.

For dinner we went up Millcreek Canyon to do a camp fire and tin foil dinners. We went up with Tresa and Eric and the three dogs(Mason's parents two little ones and Tresa's big golden retriever). Max and Jack thought it was the coolest thing, having a fire, cooking their own hot dogs, and roasting marshmallows. After we finished eating and hanging around the fire we went over to the river to throw rocks in. It was such a nice evening and we decided we needed to do more outdoor stuff like that as a family.
 my boys
 Tresa and Eric
 practice before the game
Up the canyon!
 cooking their own dinner
Jack makes the craziest faces lately when I tell him to smile,
the one below he is making is his classic cross eyed crazy kid face.
Super smokey but the only family picture from that night.
 Max was more interested in roasting the marshmallows then actually eating the s'mores

Tresa and Eric's reception

 At the end of March Tresa and Eric had their reception for family and friends. It was a fun night with a crepe bar that we took full advantage of :). Max and Jack also had a fun time running around with their second cousins.
 Four generations
 Crazy dancers
 Caught this one of Max walking like this towards me, haha
 Tresa and her cousin Nikki
 Three cousins Tresa, Nate, and Nikki
Nate was Tresa's 'Man' of honor :)