Monday, April 21, 2014

Disney World and Cruise November 2013

So I have awesome in-laws. For our Christmas present from them they flew us all out to Florida to go to Disney World for 2 days and then on a 5 days Caribbean cruise.
So back in November we flew out to Florida and got in the big van/bus that Mason's parents rented for us all to fit in, and got to our nice hotel. The first day we went to Disney Hollywood Studios, mainly for all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones stuff for Max. We went to the Indiana Jones stunt show and Max was so nervous/excited/overwhelmed he was shaking on Mason's lap while the show was happening. I felt so bad for him. But then he started warming up to different rides and things. Mason took him on Star Tours and he thought it was the coolest thing. One of the things he loved best though was to browse the gift shops. 
The next day we went to Disney World Magic Kingdom. We started with Pirates of the Caribbean, since that was one of the rides Max was so excited for. But when we got in line he started getting scared and saying he didn't want to go on. Mason and I decided to just talk to him and convince him it was ok because we both knew once he was on he would love it. I felt so horrible though walking through the line with a crying little boy saying he didn't want to go. But once we got in the boat he thought it was so cool. And by the end he said he loved it :). So good call on our part I guess. After that he was obsessed with the Pirates gift shop and didn't want to go on Splash Mountain with me. So Mason's mom took Jack to the Tiki Room and I went on Splash mountain with everyone while Mason(greatest dad ever) stayed with Max to help him pick out a cool souvenir. 
 We took the kids on a bunch of other rides, one of their favorites was Peter an so we went on that a couple of times. It was So much fun and we ended it by watching the Lights parade.

Stroller we rented for the trip
 Jack with Grandpa watching the stunt show
 Jack being silly with Laurens glasses
 Seinna and Max in Honey I shrunk the kids land
 Max was so excited to see all the Star Wars stuff
 Awesome Jack picked Darth Maul for his face paint
 walking with Grandma and grandpa to get on the ferry boat to go to
Magic Kingdom
 Max and Jack got to make their own light sabers!

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