Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Max's 4th Birthday {March 17th 2014}

 Max woke up on his Birthday morning to balloons and presents! He got his wish for a "Indiana Jones play set" (thank you Amazon). And lots of other little things he loves right now, like space toys and Star wars books. He chose cinnamon rolls with Strawberries for breakfast and we of course had his candles to blow out.
Max is such a fun four year old. We love that he is so into Indiana Jones and Star Wars, we sure got a cool kid. And recently he has started to like cowboys and the third movie of Back to the Future. He is also the biggest sweetheart. The other day he picked me my first flower(a yellow dandelion) from him and I just about died of his sweetness. He is also our little funny kid, he gets jokes and he makes some pretty great ones too.
 Jack was having a hard time realizing it was not his Birthday
 Jack's un-birthday present, a space snake he really loved at the children's museum
 Still having a hard time
 I love that little four year old of mine
 Jack needed to blow out a candle too :)
 Max wanted another try

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