Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here in California

Chillin' in the motor home

The paparazzi found us...

We are here in California and having a good time. We drove out on Tuesday in Mason's family's motor home around 11am and got to Mesquite, NV at 6pm. Mason's mom drove the whole time while Mason, me , Max, Tresa(mason's sister), Lexi(Mason's sister) and Lexi's two girls, Savannah and Sienna, relaxed in the back. We swam and Max went down a water slide! Then Wednesday we woke up and headed to California. We got to Mason's grandparents in Moreno Valley at around 2pm. We hung out and ate pizza. And max got to drive the Hummer power wheels car around. This morning(Thursday) we woke up had a nice morning then headed out to the Dunes RV Park here in Newport Beach. Tomorrow we head to the airport pick up Mason's dad, and the other two boys and head to... CALIFORNIA ADVENTURES! I am so excited I feel like a little kid not being able to wait. I can't wait to show max all the cool little things and rides. He has been there before but he was 7 months old, 15 months will be so much more fun. And I can't wait to see Savannah and Sienna's reaction to everything they are 4 so at a good age. Then Saturday is Disneyland! I can hardly wait.

More pictures to come...

On a side note(kinda) Mason had a surgery on Monday where they went up and shattered his kidney stone that has been giving him such a hard time. He was in so much pain right after the surgery, I mean sooo much. But these last couple of days have been bearable. So he has had to be resting the whole time so far and has not been able to pick up Max. But tomorrow he should be a lot better and he can hold Max again. Poor Max just doesn't understand sometimes when he wants daddy to pick him up, but its been good.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh summer!

We enjoyed some music in the park today and a picnic lunch with family. Afterwards Max played outside with his cousins at Mason's parents. He helped wash the car and fell and scraped his chin :(. but other then Max's little fall It was such a warm happy day.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day

On Monday we all wanted to do something fun but knew the weather was supposed to be not so good. But Mason's parents decided on the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We started out with lunch at their Trellis Cafe. It was so nice and such good food. Then we headed out to the gardens. Mason's parent's decided to rent a golf cart to drive around in and also a segway. It was so fun! It started out pretty chilly then while we were driving around there was a icy rain shower. But after that the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice day. I tried out the segway and it was so fun. after the main gardens we headed over to the Children's Discovery Gardens. Mason and I both had to go to the bathroom and when we came out Max was with his Grandpa playing in the Noah's Ark water :).
We finished it all off with ice cream.

Tresa on the Segway

Max in the Secret Garden

Driving the golf cart ;)

Playing in the water with Grandpa

Max and Tresa

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