Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day

On Monday we all wanted to do something fun but knew the weather was supposed to be not so good. But Mason's parents decided on the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We started out with lunch at their Trellis Cafe. It was so nice and such good food. Then we headed out to the gardens. Mason's parent's decided to rent a golf cart to drive around in and also a segway. It was so fun! It started out pretty chilly then while we were driving around there was a icy rain shower. But after that the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice day. I tried out the segway and it was so fun. after the main gardens we headed over to the Children's Discovery Gardens. Mason and I both had to go to the bathroom and when we came out Max was with his Grandpa playing in the Noah's Ark water :).
We finished it all off with ice cream.

Tresa on the Segway

Max in the Secret Garden

Driving the golf cart ;)

Playing in the water with Grandpa

Max and Tresa

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  1. I LOVE the Noah's arc fountain! And Thanksgiving Point is beautiful. Good choice.