Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Honeymoon Memories

I was editing some of our honeymoon pictures and it made me reminisce. We had such an amazing honeymoon. We got to stay at such a great hotel in Niagara Falls with an awesome view of the falls. We then got to stay at the cutest Bed & Breakfast near Munich Germany, with a view of the Neuschwanstein Castle. The German couple who own it were so sweet. The wife didn't know any English but we got by just fine. And just a small hike through the Black Forest was the cute little town of Fussen, where we found the best pizza and salad EVER. We then took a train to Paris, France, one of my dreams come true. I love art and wanted one day to be an Art History major so it was so neat to be able to go to one of the best museums in the world, The Louvre. We got to stay in the Latin district which I loved, it was just a short walk to the Seine River and Notre Dame. If you want to read more about our Honeymoon I documented it all here in these past posts.

We had such a fun time together I hope one day we can share these amazing places with our children. So here are a lot of pictures :) Out of order though...

The town of Fussen
A church in Fussen
The Ceiling of the church
Neuschwanstein Castle

A view of the valley from the Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
New Town Hall in Munich
I love that this man smiled when I took this picture of him feeding the pigeons outside of Notre Dame
Notre Dame
A painting I thought was cool at the Louvre
My favourite sculpture Cupid and Psyche by Antonio Canova in The Louvre
Me over the Seine River
A sculpture in the gardens at Versailles
The gates of Versailles
A sculpture in the gardens at the Louvre
Hohenschwangau Castle in Germany
View of Swan Lake and Hohenschwangau Castle from Neuschwanstein Castle
Mason riding a Donkey in Fussen for being a good boy :)
The Louvre the night we got to Paris

The Escargot aka Snail I ate...
Inside The Louvre
Paris, when we were lost from taking the Metro the wrong way
A sword in the Louvre
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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Sunday walk

Mason, Maximus, and I had a lazy Sunday. So in the evening we decided to get out of the house and go for a walk to our local park. It was Max's first time to a playground and he was not to impressed, I guess he is still to little to really enjoy the park. Mason went down the slide with him and he just had a straight face. He is so funny when we are around a lot of people he gets quiet and just sits back and observes. But it was a beautiful evening and there was a concert going on at the park with some booths set up. Max got his first balloon from a children store stand. We then walked to the grocery store to grab a couple of things. Then back home. It was such a nice relaxing walk on such a nice night.
At the park

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Max's New Car

From Collages

Max got a new car or diaper box, whatever you want to call it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Glimpse Kindness

The other day I saw something that caught my eye. I was driving with Mason and as we drove down a street I saw a homeless looking man with no shoes standing by the freeway entrance. As he stood probably begging for money, I saw a little girl walk up to him with a new pair of flip flops and a water bottle in her hands. As she appraoched the man they exchanged some words as she held out the objects. She then sadly turned around and walked back to the car where I assume her mother was waiting, still holding the water bottle and flip flops. I assumed the man had refused to take the gifts she was offering him. It made me sad for that little girl who probably had seen him standing there with no shoes and thought of how hot he must be and wanted to help him. I wonder why he did not take the gifts, unless he just wanted to keep looking as helpless as he could to get money from others. I don't want to sound harsh to the man but it just breaks my heart that the little girl was rejected when all she probably wanted to do was something kind.

I know this is a random thought but it was just interesting to me. And it made me hope that one day my children will see others in need and want to help them, and have compassion for them. So good job little girl for caring and for trying to do something to help someone in need.

Friday, August 20, 2010

For my Maximus

Dear Max,

You are asleep in your crib right now, sucking on your green binky and I peek to watch your chest rise and fall. Your Piano Lullaby's are playing to help you sleep. I want you to remember me, your mommy and how I was when you were a baby.

Right now you are 5 months and 3 days old and I am loving it. You smile and laugh so much and I do pretty much anything to get a giggle out of you. Sometimes your daddy says its as if you are giving us a little sympathy chuckle and I love it. I pretend to bite your fingers and toes and it makes you laugh. I blow on your belly when I am giving you a diaper change and make up silly rhyming songs. Most of the time as I change your diaper your daddy is right there giving you toe kisses in between me getting the wipes and diaper. Daddy and I call you the silliest names like, Monkey Chunk, Gumshoe Bobbins(I call you this a lot), Cute Bum, Bubblegum, Bubba Gump.

Everything you do is so cute to me, like when you are done nursing you smack your lips and your tongue as if you are so satisfied. You have just started eating rice cereal and I look forward to feeding you each day. You open your mouth wide for each bite and make a chewing motion then smack your tongue and suck in your lips. You give me and your daddy the biggest smiles when we enter the room. Daddy and I find ourselves gritting our teeth because we cannot stand how adorable you are. I try to spend the time to stop and just play with you even though you are still to small to really play. I tickle you and sing you songs, I show you toys and make silly noises. I play music for you and sing along while I dance with you, like your bumble bee song or rocket ship run. It makes you smile and laugh. I rock you to sleep for your naps and before bed, I love this time with you when I can just hold you close to me while you snuggle your face into my chest and neck. Sometimes I don't want to put you down.

I love you so much my little Maximus and I feel so very lucky to be your mommy. I don't know what I did right to get such a cutie and a sweetheart but I am glad you are mine.

Love, your Mommy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mason's Faces

The other night after Maximus was in bed I was massaging Mason's shoulders and started playing with his hair. I thought it looked funny so we took some pictures, and Mason makes the best faces. Max you have crazy parents, but hey were fun.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Pajamas

Max is growing so fast, we buy him new pajamas
and he grows to tall. So instead of Pj's with feet
we got him a pair of top and pants
and he looks so very cute in them
if I may say so :).

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Max's first food

Max had his first taste of food on Friday the 13th. We fed him rice cereal mixed with my breast milk and he loved it. He is such a good eater and opens his mouth as soon as the spoon is near. These pictures are of his second feeding because we just filmed his first one. I cant wait till we get to feed him different things and find out what he likes and doesn't like and see his funny faces. He makes the cutest monkey face(pictures below) with his lips pursed and his cheeks puffed out.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

4 months

New things Maximus does at 4 months(4 1/2 months now, late post :):
-he holds his feet
-he talks a lot!
-he loves grabbing things in his reach
-he has two bottom teeth
-he laughs more
-he likes pulling mommy's hair
-he likes to be rocked to sleep while he snuggles his
face into my shoulder and holds onto my hair(I love this)

I love watching my little baby grow he is so cute and everything he does I find so adorable. He is so smiley and talkative. Every time he looks at me he melts my heart and makes me want to squeeze him! He is mesmerized every time Mason plays the bass or guitar, it is so cute. He just stares at Mason's hands in amazement while he plays. I love my blue eyed chunky legged chubby cheeked Maximus baby.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Max's noises

(click on a picture to see the video)

Max has been talking and experimenting with different noises and volumes. He just recently has let out little screams, I find it very adorable.