Friday, August 20, 2010

For my Maximus

Dear Max,

You are asleep in your crib right now, sucking on your green binky and I peek to watch your chest rise and fall. Your Piano Lullaby's are playing to help you sleep. I want you to remember me, your mommy and how I was when you were a baby.

Right now you are 5 months and 3 days old and I am loving it. You smile and laugh so much and I do pretty much anything to get a giggle out of you. Sometimes your daddy says its as if you are giving us a little sympathy chuckle and I love it. I pretend to bite your fingers and toes and it makes you laugh. I blow on your belly when I am giving you a diaper change and make up silly rhyming songs. Most of the time as I change your diaper your daddy is right there giving you toe kisses in between me getting the wipes and diaper. Daddy and I call you the silliest names like, Monkey Chunk, Gumshoe Bobbins(I call you this a lot), Cute Bum, Bubblegum, Bubba Gump.

Everything you do is so cute to me, like when you are done nursing you smack your lips and your tongue as if you are so satisfied. You have just started eating rice cereal and I look forward to feeding you each day. You open your mouth wide for each bite and make a chewing motion then smack your tongue and suck in your lips. You give me and your daddy the biggest smiles when we enter the room. Daddy and I find ourselves gritting our teeth because we cannot stand how adorable you are. I try to spend the time to stop and just play with you even though you are still to small to really play. I tickle you and sing you songs, I show you toys and make silly noises. I play music for you and sing along while I dance with you, like your bumble bee song or rocket ship run. It makes you smile and laugh. I rock you to sleep for your naps and before bed, I love this time with you when I can just hold you close to me while you snuggle your face into my chest and neck. Sometimes I don't want to put you down.

I love you so much my little Maximus and I feel so very lucky to be your mommy. I don't know what I did right to get such a cutie and a sweetheart but I am glad you are mine.

Love, your Mommy

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  1. You are the sweetest. Honestly I am SO happy because I know you are happy! I love that you write these things down because I am positive they will be priceless in a few years. You are such a good mommy! I say this all the time, but really he is completely lucky he got you. You are going to make his life so wonderful!