Monday, November 29, 2010


For Thanksgiving Mason's mom and dad flew out from Utah and spent the week with us. We spent most of the week out at Mason's Grandparents. We had such a good time with family and talking and food. Mason and I enjoyed our delicious Tofurky while everyone else feasted on the barbecued turkey. Everything tasted so good.

I love the holiday season and this year it is 10 times better because we have our Maximus.

Now the countdown to Christmas begins!

Max's Thanksgiving dinner

the food

Mason carving our tofurky

We found a handkerchief and made Max a Babushka
don't mess with this babushka
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am happy, we get to go to Utah for Christmas!

Max is ready for the cold with his new hat and mittens...

Happy Thanksgiving
week! food.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warning: graphic content (as in, blood and cuts)

First let me explain Mason's stitches. Since high school mason has had this small bump on the top of his head. Nothing serious, it was called a pilar cyst and was harmless. But he preferred to have it gone and so did the doctor. So after having it for 11 years or so he got it removed. It was a simple procedure, he just went in they cut it open, removed it, and stitched it up. Then he just came home.

I think his stitches look pretty cool. He gets them out on Monday and will have a nice scar.

Now for my silly story. The other night I was goofing around with Max, saying "march around the house, march around the house" while walking around our kitchen( I know I'm weird but Max thinks its fun). I was walking kinda fast and I was going from our kitchen into the dining room, and my foot caught on the rug in our kitchen and I fell to the floor face first with Max in my arms. I first made sure Max was ok, he was. I had landed on my other arm so he didnt even hit the ground, he just kinda rolled with me so he was all good. But I felt my knee bash on the medal strip between the carpet and tile, I looked down and it was cut open. I felt pretty dumb. Mason had come over to pick up Max and make sure we were ok, as I was making noises cause my knee hurt Max was so sweet just staring at me making sure I was ok, he looked so concerned. I looked up and smiled and said mommy is ok, and he smiled back so sweetly.

So yeah kinda dumb on my part but I am just glad Max was ok. I will make sure to be more careful when I march around the house :).

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A love story

I want to write down the story of the night Mason and I fell in love.

But first I need to go back a bit.

On September 30th 2004 I went to my friend Ashlee's 16th Birthday party. That night I turned 18. Mason's band came to play for the party and the bass player(being Mason) caught my eye. I was to shy and scared to give him my number so I had Ashlee's mom give it to him.

So because of different situations we didn't go on our first date until March of 2005. We dated until that July and then broke up. I wanted to date other people, so I broke up with Mason.

We kept in touch over that time writing emails once in awhile.

Fast forward to October of 2006. Mason emailed me telling me he was leaving to go to school in New York and if I would like to go out to dinner to catch up. I, of course, said yes. So we had a really nice talk and I wished him good luck in New York and to keep in touch.

We talked on msn and through texting. Then he came back to Utah for Christmas and we hung out a couple of times.

We stopped talking for a couple of months and then I decided to text him and we got talking again and discussed how I should go out there to visit. I figured I had the money and I'd always wanted to go to New York. I had also started getting feelings for Mason again and that was a big motivation.

So on July 4th 2007 I flew to JFK. Mason took me on the subway and to his apartment in Long Island City. While I was there Mason shared his city he had gotten to know over the past year, with me.

On Friday July 6th Mason and I went into Manhattan and got lunch at a soup shop. We took it to Bryant Park and ate together. He had a recording class for a couple of hours so he told me he would meet me afterwords and left me to explore on my own. I still wasn't comfortable taking the subway down to his school so I walked up 5th avenue from the Library. I stopped on the steps of St. Patricks Cathedral and talked to my mom on the phone and told her how amazing New York was. I continued up to Central Park, I sat down on a bench in the park to read my book. Mason met up with me and we planned to go to see the movie Once. Mason had seen it with his sister while she was visiting before I came out and had told me how amazing it was. We were both hungry so we tried to find a place to eat quickly, but there was only pizza shops or sit down restaurants. So I suggested we just go to a grocery store and get a few things. We then walked to the theater, which was somewhere on the upper east side. We sat down in the theater with only two other people in it and waited for the movie to start. I have to say Once is one of the best films, the music and feeling it has is just so awesome. After the movie we were both left with a very happy feeling. We set off to go to Serendipity3 but the line was absurdly long so we decided to just walk around. We walked past the Queensboro bridge and decided to hop on the subway to go home.

That is the night I fell in love with Mason, I know it doesn't sound like much but it was. We held hands that night while walking around and I just had the happiest feeling. The butterflies in your stomach feeling. The knowing that there is a special connection between you and this other person. I was in love.

After that night the rest of my visit was wonderful. That Sunday as we sat on the swings in Riverside Park(which came to be one of our most special places) We talked a lot about so many different things and that is when I made the final decision to move out to be with Mason in New York. Which turned out to be the best decision in my life.

The End.. to that chapter at least.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 months old

Max is 8 months old today.. 8 MONTHS!
He is so sweet and I love him more then I can say.

Here are things Max does at 8 months:
He claps his hands
Every time he hears music he has to rock back and forth or move his arms
He gives big open mouth kisses
He drinks from a sippy cup
He can kinda crawl( hes working on it)
He can pull himself up to a standing position
He has the cutest looks
He has 4 new top teeth
He is a pro sitter now
He can switch the light switch on and off

Things Max loves:
His baths. He gets so excited when I start running the water and starts splashing right when I put him in.
He loves water and drinking it from any cup I'm drinking from
His daddy. He gets excited anytime he comes into the room.
He likes us to walk him around the house and show him things such as, magnets on the fridge.
He loves to pull them off and try to put them in his mouth or in mommy's mouth while he smiles.
Playing with water bottles
Chewing on daddy's watch
Touching Daddy's guitar's
Grabbing mommy and daddy's glasses

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Here is a video of him enjoying his bath.

Max in the bath from Meaghan M on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Max plays the guitar


A video

Max playing from Meaghan Morris on Vimeo.

I took this the other day, I love watching Max play. He gets so fascinated by that orange tray, it has bumped up numbers and letters inside he likes to touch and look at.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A cool person

I just had to say how cool Tina Fey is, I know pretty much everyone knows how cool she is but I thought I would remind you.
I was reminded of this when I watched her last night on PBS, she was being awarded the Mark Twain Prize
and the whole show was hilarious. It had so many great comedians on it and Tina Fey was so great. I wish I was as funny as her. 30 Rock is such a great show, it is on its 5th season. I do prefer the older seasons right now but it is still going strong.

This is why I think Tina Fey is cool:
She is one of the most hilarious people
She is a great writer, she wrote great things for SNL and now 30 Rock
She seems like a nice person(I have yet to meet her :)
She is so pretty

You should watch 30 rock, from the first season on.

Now watch the funny clip at the bottom of her on 30 Rock, Her character on the show Liz lemon is trying to get out of jury duty.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


After Max woke up from his 2 1/2 hour nap :) He looked so cute so I took some pictures of him.
Today is just a lazy chilly windy day here and I am just hanging out with my Max.

We watched some videos of Max on my laptop and he was enjoying them, but I think a little confused as well. As seen below:
"oh I look good"
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A video I made awhile ago

Your New Twin Sized Bed from Meaghan Morris on Vimeo.

*All drawings by me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


How cute are they?! I am so lucky.

Also recently Max will not sit still to get his diaper changed or to get dressed.
I was getting a little frustrated so I let him sit naked for a little bit. And I could not resist taking pictures of how cute he was being.
Even when he makes me frustrated sometimes, I just have to look at his sweet blue eyes and I forgive him right away.

Oh and he gives big open mouthed kisses now!

I love being a mommy.

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