Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 months old

Max is 8 months old today.. 8 MONTHS!
He is so sweet and I love him more then I can say.

Here are things Max does at 8 months:
He claps his hands
Every time he hears music he has to rock back and forth or move his arms
He gives big open mouth kisses
He drinks from a sippy cup
He can kinda crawl( hes working on it)
He can pull himself up to a standing position
He has the cutest looks
He has 4 new top teeth
He is a pro sitter now
He can switch the light switch on and off

Things Max loves:
His baths. He gets so excited when I start running the water and starts splashing right when I put him in.
He loves water and drinking it from any cup I'm drinking from
His daddy. He gets excited anytime he comes into the room.
He likes us to walk him around the house and show him things such as, magnets on the fridge.
He loves to pull them off and try to put them in his mouth or in mommy's mouth while he smiles.
Playing with water bottles
Chewing on daddy's watch
Touching Daddy's guitar's
Grabbing mommy and daddy's glasses

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Here is a video of him enjoying his bath.

Max in the bath from Meaghan M on Vimeo.

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