Monday, November 15, 2010

A cool person

I just had to say how cool Tina Fey is, I know pretty much everyone knows how cool she is but I thought I would remind you.
I was reminded of this when I watched her last night on PBS, she was being awarded the Mark Twain Prize
and the whole show was hilarious. It had so many great comedians on it and Tina Fey was so great. I wish I was as funny as her. 30 Rock is such a great show, it is on its 5th season. I do prefer the older seasons right now but it is still going strong.

This is why I think Tina Fey is cool:
She is one of the most hilarious people
She is a great writer, she wrote great things for SNL and now 30 Rock
She seems like a nice person(I have yet to meet her :)
She is so pretty

You should watch 30 rock, from the first season on.

Now watch the funny clip at the bottom of her on 30 Rock, Her character on the show Liz lemon is trying to get out of jury duty.

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  1. oh meaghan! I was telling Colin the other day when we were watching 30 Rock how much you reminded/looked like Tina Fay, in all the good way!!!