Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warning: graphic content (as in, blood and cuts)

First let me explain Mason's stitches. Since high school mason has had this small bump on the top of his head. Nothing serious, it was called a pilar cyst and was harmless. But he preferred to have it gone and so did the doctor. So after having it for 11 years or so he got it removed. It was a simple procedure, he just went in they cut it open, removed it, and stitched it up. Then he just came home.

I think his stitches look pretty cool. He gets them out on Monday and will have a nice scar.

Now for my silly story. The other night I was goofing around with Max, saying "march around the house, march around the house" while walking around our kitchen( I know I'm weird but Max thinks its fun). I was walking kinda fast and I was going from our kitchen into the dining room, and my foot caught on the rug in our kitchen and I fell to the floor face first with Max in my arms. I first made sure Max was ok, he was. I had landed on my other arm so he didnt even hit the ground, he just kinda rolled with me so he was all good. But I felt my knee bash on the medal strip between the carpet and tile, I looked down and it was cut open. I felt pretty dumb. Mason had come over to pick up Max and make sure we were ok, as I was making noises cause my knee hurt Max was so sweet just staring at me making sure I was ok, he looked so concerned. I looked up and smiled and said mommy is ok, and he smiled back so sweetly.

So yeah kinda dumb on my part but I am just glad Max was ok. I will make sure to be more careful when I march around the house :).

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  1. Hahaha! Awwwww.. Meageral, I'm sorry but that is sad and funny at the same time. No one is judging you for being the world's coolest mom. You sacrafice your body all to make your baby laugh. Love you!

    P.S. Hope Mason's head is feeling okay ;/