Monday, May 21, 2012

Union Pacific


On Saturday we headed up to Ogden to go to the Union Station. It's a train, gun, and cars museum. Mason had got a groupon to go there and we finally made it up. It ended up being such an awesome day. Max loved all the trains and had so much fun touching everything.
Jack was so good and loved just looking around at everything and giving cute smiles.

After the museum we walked down the downtown main street. they had a lot of restaurants, bars, and cafe's. We stopped at a local coffee shop and sat outside to enjoy a muffin and drink. It was hard to decide on a restaurant to eat at but we finally decided on Roosters Brewing Co. and it was soooo good! The atmosphere was awesome, our waitress was so nice and great with being aware of the kids and their needs. And the food was delicious, I got the blackened salmon sandwich, which came with their house fries and they were so good. I loved their kids menu, I got Max the rice and veggies. They came out with a mixture of brown rice and quinoa, and the carrots and zucchini were nice and sweet.  Max loved it and ate it so well. I wish more places had stuff like that on their kids menus.

after we ate we headed back down to Salt Lake and stopped at the Living Traditions Festival listened to the bagpipes playing and got some churros and Italian soda from a tent. It was a great end to a perfect day.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

an outing


my dear sweet little sister Emily is leaving me, for San Francisco. her boyfriend got a job out there and since they like each other and all she is going with him. she broke the news to me when she picked me up to go spend the day with her to go shopping. 

I am so happy for her and it is very exciting, she also gets to be by our other sister who lives out there. but i am going to miss her very much. not that we get to spend a lot of time together because of different things but when we do we have the best of times. 

so when she picked me up we headed to city creek downtown and had such a fun time shopping together and having time to talk. after we finished there we went to whole foods in trolley square to get some dinner. then Emily wanted to take Max to a park she knew of up by the UofU. Max loved it and Emily took some awesome pictures while we were there. Jack also swung in his first playground swing.


Max was obsessed with that bike as soon as he saw a little girl ride into the park with it. he just kept walking towards it with his hands behind his back like in the picture. the parents were nice enough to let Max ride it for a bit. i guess he really needs a bike of his own.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Design

 This morning we went to our design meeting for our new house. It went so well and I am SO excited to see it all put together! we picked our flooring, lighting, counters, doors, and other little things. I feel so lucky that we are able to do this and I look forward to living in such a beautiful place.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

The balancing act

Having two boys so close in age can be a challenge sometimes. They both need so much attention and sometimes its hard to make sure they both get what they need. I love them both so much and I feel so bad that Max has to be second sometimes because Jack is still so little.
I know I can't be perfect but I wish I knew more what to do, like when Max sits on Jack or kicks him with his feet. I usually just take Max and put him right in time-out.
Sometimes he is so sweet giving Jack toys and hugging him softly, and then the next minute he is saying "mine" and pulling toys out of Jack's hands. And I know he is only 2 and is learning a lot right now, and I try to remember that.
I guess the point of this post is just to vent my thoughts and frustrations on not always knowing how to handle certain situations. I try to make sure I stop and just give them each one on one time whenever I get the chance, like cuddling and kissing Max and telling him how great he is and how much I love him, while Jack is busy playing with something.
I just hope as they grow they learn to play together and be friends. I love my boys more then anything in this world, and I want them to grow up never questioning that.
I always try to breathe before I get at Max for something and I have been trying to not get at him for every little thing and stepping back more to look at how he is maybe feeling.
It's a hard learning process but I think(hope) it is getting better and better.

Thanks for listening to me, or at least reading the first bit before getting bored...
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a little piece of land


Last week Mason and I took the kids out to our lot where our house is going to be built.
We decided we are going to go take pictures every week or so of the progress.
We am SO very excited to have a house we own and know that we can settle down for awhile, know that Max will probably start Kindergarten there! Oh It is so exciting.
I can't wait till they finally start building, only three months till it is supposed to be done but it feels like forever to me now.
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