Monday, May 7, 2012

The balancing act

Having two boys so close in age can be a challenge sometimes. They both need so much attention and sometimes its hard to make sure they both get what they need. I love them both so much and I feel so bad that Max has to be second sometimes because Jack is still so little.
I know I can't be perfect but I wish I knew more what to do, like when Max sits on Jack or kicks him with his feet. I usually just take Max and put him right in time-out.
Sometimes he is so sweet giving Jack toys and hugging him softly, and then the next minute he is saying "mine" and pulling toys out of Jack's hands. And I know he is only 2 and is learning a lot right now, and I try to remember that.
I guess the point of this post is just to vent my thoughts and frustrations on not always knowing how to handle certain situations. I try to make sure I stop and just give them each one on one time whenever I get the chance, like cuddling and kissing Max and telling him how great he is and how much I love him, while Jack is busy playing with something.
I just hope as they grow they learn to play together and be friends. I love my boys more then anything in this world, and I want them to grow up never questioning that.
I always try to breathe before I get at Max for something and I have been trying to not get at him for every little thing and stepping back more to look at how he is maybe feeling.
It's a hard learning process but I think(hope) it is getting better and better.

Thanks for listening to me, or at least reading the first bit before getting bored...
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  1. Meghan, you are a role model of a mother, you really are! And there is no way those boys will grow up wondering if their mommy loves them.