Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend: Sunday

 The boys woke up Easter morning to a trail of Easter eggs left by the Easter bunny, they followed it down the stairs out to the front porch to where their baskets were. They got the Octonauts submarine to share. They always have a treat, book, and new shirt in their Easter baskets and a new movie to share. This year their new movie was Ponyo, one of their favorites lately.

After finding their baskets we had our traditional breakfast of scones. 
We usually do a big Easter family dinner at Mason's parents but since they were out of town this year we decided to be fun and take the kids to dinner and a movie. We saw Mr. Peabody And Sherman, which was better then I thought it would be and the kids sat through the whole thing and were really into it.
It ended up being such a fun fmaily weekend.
 My belly! I am almost 32 weeks along
 Playing with there new Easter play dough the next morning
 Max wanted a Indiana Jones made out of play dough and Mason delivered


  1. You are such a cute little family! How far apart are all your kids?

    1. Thanks! :) And your Samantha is such an adorable baby. I need to meet her.
      Max and Jack are 17 months apart and Max will be 4 years apart from this next baby boy, and Jack will be 2 1/2 years apart from the baby.