Friday, July 1, 2011

California Adventures

Waiting in line for the Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel
We went to California Adventures on Friday for the day. It was so fun to take Max. He loved the first ride which was the Ferris Wheel but when we took him on the Toy Story Mania ride I felt so bad how much he hated it, he cried the whole time. We took him on other outdoor rides and he seemed to enjoy those. And he was getting more used to the strange ride thing when we took him on the new Little Mermaid ride.
Mason's parents got everyone a picnic dinner and a reserved spot for the World Of Color. We all met up and ate our dinners and then went on a few more rides. Mason and I decided to take Max back to the RV in the parking lot to get his pajamas on but by the time we got to the tram he was fast asleep so when we got back to the RV we decided since it was already his bedtime and he was so sound asleep it would be best just to let him sleep and miss the World Of Color. But it was an awesome day and we had Disneyland to go to the next day.

Sienna's face painting
(She was so good about not being able to go on most of the rides when her sister Savannah could, because she wasn't tall enough)
On the Ferris Wheel

Savannah got a face painting too

I think Max's favorite part of the day. hanging out by the sourdough bread place with mom and dad, and pointing to and touching all the metal cover things.

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  1. Look at that chubby little man! I'm so glad you got a fun little vaca Meaghan. And you are the cutest pregnant lady I've ever known.