Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ben & Meggie's Wedding

{Before the Wedding}

We all drove down Friday morning to Meggie's grandparents cabin for my brother Ben's wedding to my new sister in-law Meggie. It was a nice drive and when we got there we all got ready and then the ceremony began. It was so beautiful and simple. Mason played the guitar for when they walked down the aisle and I think he did great. After the ceremony we had a luncheon with yummy vegan sandwiches, fruit salad, and sparkling cranberry juice. Followed by a chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and carrot cake. After a lot of the guests left, Meggie's family and all of my family stayed the night. We had vegan s'mores and a campfire. It was fun to just hang out with everyone. The next morning we left to go home and get ready for their reception.

{my dad and Max before the wedding}

{my beautiful Mom}

{my dad and his grandsons}

{Mason during the ceremony}

{my brother Josh and Meggie's sister Rachel}


{Their awesome photographer Leo Patrone}

{Emily and Max after the ceremony}

{the yummy cakes}
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  1. I love all your pictures!! Also I love the one of the boys and dad!