Monday, July 18, 2011

July Fourth {part 2}

In the afternoon everyone from my family showed up for a BBQ and swimming at our house. Everyone (except my dad who flew in that night) was there including, Emily, Colin, My mom, Brad, Ben, Meggie, Josh, Becky, Shane, Jonah, Isaiah, and Analynn.
It was so much fun and turned out a lot better then I expected. everyone had fun swimming for awhile while we got the food ready. Mason and I made a vegan and vegetarian potato salad and had chips and lemonade for everyone. Everyone just brought their own things to grill. and Ben and Meggie brought some of their yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies. We hung out and just talked, then when it got later we all headed over to Mason's parents for fireworks in their circle. We enjoyed talking and eating watermelon while we waited for it to get dark.
After the fireworks Mason and I headed to the airport to pick up my dad who flew in from Ontario, Canada for Ben and Meggie's wedding.
{Pool time}

{Cute Jonah}

{Max wishing he could go back in the pool}

{Josh and my mom hugging, I don't know what for but I'm glad I caught the moment}

{Cousin love}

{Ben and Meggie}


{The Fireworks!}
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  1. I can NOT believe how old Jonah is!! I feel like Becky JUST had him! But all the kiddies look adorable. Cousins are the best!