Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Santa

I have seen on almost every blog their Christmas wish lists for kids or themselves, so I decided to make one. But this one is what my kids really want for Christmas. I see all the other list of beautiful wooden toys and hand knitted sweaters, I wish my kids wanted those kind of things. But this is what I got them and what they have been asking for(at least Max). I am trying to not get just "stuff" but things they either really want, need, or that will last. Every time anyone asks Max what he wants for Christmas he says, Jake and the Neverland pirates ship! So that is what Santa is bringing him. Along with a toy phone he has been wanting for awhile. And a new movie is always fun.
For Jack I wanted to get something that makes him smile. Every time he see's anything with Kermit on it he smiles and points to him. He also loves the new Muppet's Movie. So "Santa" got him Kermit and Walter. He is also our book lover so I got him a few fun board books for his stocking. He also loves to walk around with things and anything that makes noise so the corn popper walker seemed like a fun thing. As for the wooden Giraffe(we got max a dinosaur one) I do love wood toys and I thought this seemed like a fun one that moves in all different ways.

Max's list: 1.Arthur Christmas 2. Jake's Pirate Ship 3. Captain Hook's Ship 4. Play Phone 5. Shaun White shirt for Target
Jacks' List: 1. Cherokee shirt from Target 2. Walter 3. Peek-a-Who Book 4.Wood Giraffe 5. Kermit 6. Popper
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  1. So cute!! I love boy toys, is that weird? I think they're so much more fun than girl toys.