Friday, December 7, 2012

New Camera! {and tons of pictures}

I have awesome in laws. For Christmas they got Mason and I a Canon Rebel T3i! I have wanted this camera for so long and I can't believe I actually have it now.
We got it early so we could use it for family pictures and Christmas stuff.
As soon as it came yesterday I couldn't wait for the battery to charge it was killing me. So as soon as it was ready I took a ton of pictures...and here they are. 

Max was pretending the tripod we got with the camera was a gun, everything is a gun now to him. He doesn't even have any toy guns except one Nerf one...I guess its just a boy thing? Above he is showing me his bullet aka a piece of plastic he found. He has a great imagination.

there he is "shooting"

Breakfast! I was so excited to take pictures this morning when I actually had natural light.

He was not happy to pose for me because his pants
were a little wet from water from his sippy cup.

silly Maximus

Haha, I love this kid he has THEE best faces.

and one of me that Mason took, with my greasy hair-do. And my sweet sleeping Jackamo.

I feel like I have a lot of learning to do, like how to change settings and what to do in certain lighting, etc. But so far I am just practicing and having fun and it makes me feel so cool to get such good looking pictures with such little effort.
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  1. Congrats Meageral!! They're beautiful! And I would expect nothing then amazing imaginations from your children. It's to be expected when they come straight from your loins.

  2. how fun! such cute jammies on the boys :)