Thursday, December 18, 2014

June {catch up}

So I have decided to finally *try* and catch up on my blog. I love being able to look back all these posts and memories and I have been so horrible about keeping up with life on here. So here it goes...
June 2014, Max finished Pre-school and had the cutest end of the year program. I love the picture (above) I got of him and his teacher Miss Cassie. the end of June my sister Becky came out with our mom and her 4 kids to visit and also so Becky could be here when I gave birth to Leon. We had so much fun and it was so nice having them while I was waiting on Leon to come. We gave my niece and two nephews their late Birthday presents while they were visiting (we are horrible at getting gifts out to them in California on their actual Birthdays). We gave them each a Ukulele, perks of owning a guitar store ;). They loved them and it was so fun to surprise them.  I was so excited to also finally meet my new nephew Elijah who was 4 months at the time.
Max and Jack LOVED having their cousins here, Max thought it was the coolest thing that he had two boy cousins who wanted to play video games with him all the time. And Jack and Analynn are so cute together, Jack loves her and talks about her all the time still.

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  1. Congrats to Max! All the way back in June ;) And I can NOT believe how big Becky's kids are now!! It's killin me! I sound like such an old lady.