Friday, June 12, 2009

Germany Continued

So it came to be Friday. In the morning it was raining but the kind husband of the women who owned the Bed and Breakfast told us it should clear up by noon and it did. We hiked again into Fussen knowing the way now and found some walking sticks. we got into town went to go buy our tickets into Munich for Saturday to catch our train to Paris(or so we thought). So bought our tickets and had another day exploring Fussen. we went shopping some places and got me a blow dryer and straitner as to not blow up our bedroom at the B&B. Later on walking and trying to find a good place to eat dinner we found a little pizza shop down a small street that claimed to serve New York style pizza, but it was much better! all the ingredients were fresh; we got a vegetarian pizza and it was so good! We went to a internet cafe and talked with family for awhile and it got late so we went to take the bus home, but another bus did not come till 10:30pm so we took a taxi for 12euros. when we got back we packed and laid things our to get an early start for the next day. So when we woke up we had breakfast and then went to check out. The lady said that we were down for 5 nights not 4 and we were confused but she said that's alright and we got our thing and started to leave. Just out of their driveway we thought we should double check our train ticket to Paris. Sure enough our ticket was not for Saturday night but Sunday night we felt kinda dumb and I was upset because i was all ready to go to Paris but we headed back explained and stayed for one more night. But that day we thought, well we have tickets to Munich so let go. We took the train in and I saw New Town hall and it was so cool. then we walked to the back and ate our lunch. Mason wanted to show me some places so he led the way. we saw a cool area that dates back to the midevil times and the Beer house which Hitler had his first Nazi meeting. We walked through a neat farmers market type thing with a beer garden and got some raspberry ice cream. we decided we wanted to head back into the country and have dinner in Fussen and talk to family on web cam so we took the train back. Our last dinner we had there was at the same pizza place because it was that good, but this time we got a salad that I crave for now. It had hard boiled eggs, tuna, a vinaigrette, cucumber and other good stuff. So we went back to our B&B and went to bed. The next day we woke up and had a Leisurely morning. We were ready to leave by then because we had already said goodbye to it all the day before. so we got our stuff together and checked out. We headed down and caught the bus to Fussen, then we waited for the train to Munich. once in Munich we just ate dinner at the train station and played some games and read and waited for our train to Paris.

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